Should Smackdown too go 3hrs????

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Hrishi Dutt Sharma, Oct 22, 2013.

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  1. I think it will help smackdown and will make it more like raw....
    What are your views about this??????
  2. No.. No... No... No.... No.... No... No..... No... No.... No.... No.... No..... No..... No
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  3. [​IMG]

    I can't even watch a two hour SmackDown.
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  4. Make Smackdown 1 hour, Make NXT 2 hours instead.
  5. But wasnt the decision of making raw 3hrs,a good one???
    Then Why Smackdown....
  6. Making Raw 3 hours was a horrible decision.
  7. oh come on We cant sit through nxt for 2 damn hours......
  8. The decision of making RAW 3 hours was an absolutely awful one. Most movies don't last 3 hours long and they have months to write it, plan it, and produce it. Having a weekly 3 hour show is way too much, but the money it makes WWE blinds them.
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  9. It'd never happen but I'd be in favour of them dropping SD down to an hour and back it up with NXT. Very little happens on SD so structure it as 2 matches and 2 in ring segments with 4 back stage segments. Through a top baby face on there (I'd rotate between Punk and Bryan currently) and focus the show around a main event feud, a mid card feud and a tag team feud.

    NXT comes on in the second hour and everyone is happy. It's a pipedream.
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  10. I could sit through 6 hours of NXT, Its amazing.
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  11. I mean it wasnt that bad as at least i thought......
    Another good decision might be to make raw 2hrs again or bring back brand extension....
  12. NXT is brilliant, The talent they have on it is great. Of course Raw should be 2 hours and brand extension seems kind of pointless now.
  13. But
    Nxt is just good for me.. And as for brand extension,it actually helped many superstars....
    For Example,Now WHC is nothing just a second World Title.Though i hope john cena will make it better
  14. I honestly don't see how you find NXT just "good" its better than Main Roster shows, Cena will add meaning and prestige to the title.
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  15. I think its good enough with 2 hours, making it a 3 hour show would be pointless.
  16. Well i certainly watch WWE only due to punk and bryan....beside them(& orton) roster really sucks..
    But really i used to love NXT due to wyatts...
  17. The roster sucks except Bryan, Orton and Punk? :pity1:
  18. Bring back the brand extension. Cut RAW to 2 hours and have SD live on a Friday. Get rid of Superstars and Main Event. That would be awesome.
  19. I mean sheamus is not there,cena is not there, Sincara and Jericho are also not there.....
  20. Ya it would be awesome,but you should keep superstars if you are bringing brand extension....
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