Should Sting have debuted on RAW instead?

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  1. While I do get why they debuted him on Survivor Series I can't help but feel if that it would've been more effective if he debuted the next night. They way that they debuted him wasn't that bad at all, and the plant between a possible Triple H/Sting match was nice, but it just feels like he overshadowed the Main Event. Not only that, but he's going to be gone again until the road to WrestleMania has commenced.

    If anything, Orton should've been the guy to run out in the Main Event. It'd continue his ongoing feud with Rollins, and he would've stuck it to Triple H for passing him up. Plus, as the hometown guy it would've went along better. It wouldn't have mattered if it was 'too predictable'.

    If they were dead set on the Triple H/Sting showdown it would've been just as satisfying if it were on RAW. It's not like RAW gets too many surprises anymore, and it would've been so much better than what we got.
  2. At the end of the day, it's all about the WWE Network, brother! :hogan:
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  3. To be honest when it got to that point where the show was about to end I was like dude... Randy Orton or Sting has to be coming out at any moment and sure enough it was the latter that came out.
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  4. PPVs need to be special. So why not put special stuff on the ppvs?
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  5. I agree that Randy Orton would have made a better choice. Similar to Daniel Bryan showing up on Raw and getting "the last word" on The Authority, having Orton screw HHH and Stephanie out of power would have brought the entire angle full circle considering Orton was at the forefront of the whole thing when it first began.

    That said, if their intentions were to plant the seeds for a future match between Sting and Triple H (presumingly at Wrestlemania 30, of course), then it made sense to have Sting show up and cost The Authority the match. Having him just show up and confront HHH on Raw after The Authority had already been ostracized from power without his help wouldn't have made much sense in that case since there would have been nothing to stir up personal animosity between them. Plus, this was perfectly consistent with what his character was like in WCW - that of the silent outlaw/protector who watches over the promotion from the shadows and comes down to inflict punishment on those who deserve it. In the old days, it was the NWO. In this case, The Authority.

    For me personally, it was a cool moment but it came about ten or eleven years too late. Him showing up anywhere between 2002 and 2004 would have been a guaranteed mark out moment, but I was only mildly entertained when it happened at Survivor Series.
  6. He should have came down from the rafters. Plus his theme was shit.

    I guess I'm the only one who was underwhelmed.
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  7. They'd never allow anyone to descend from the rafters again after what happened to Owen Hart. (Interestingly enough, I think Owen got his harness from the same company that Sting always got his from.)

    I agree they could have used some more ingenuity with Sting's entrance, though. Seemed a bit too plain to simply have him walk out to the ring like any other ordinary person would. The lights going off and his (rather bland) theme playing was fine, but the entire ring should have been darkened and then when the lights come back on, he's standing behind Triple H. And then after he drops HHH and puts Ziggler on top of Rollins, he then maybe vanishes once more when the lights go off again (or perhaps the second part is overdoing it, but I stick by the first part.)
  8. yes i would of liked to see MONDAY NIGHT RAW WITH THE STING
  9. Business wise, he should've debuted on Raw, more people watch Raw than PPVs.
  10. I dunno... I didn't feel like it overshadowed the main event. I just felt it was the culmination of the main event.
  11. I think I read something that said both Orton and Sting were there but the decision to use Sting the way they did was last minute. Something like that.
  12. I despise Orton, but he would have been better for sure. Sting didn't really make any sense, and you could debut him to start a feud with HHH at any time.
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  13. A Survivor Series moment people will remember forever..... or a Monday Night RAW moment people will struggle to remember the date of.
    I like what they did. Making a DVD for memorable Survivor Series moments now includes Sting's debut.
    It made Survivor Series count. It made the #4 PPV matter again.

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  14. Thats a better rating i just gave U
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  15. WWE is losing 40 million dollars this year because they created this "massive over the top" Network and nobody's ordering it.

    Priority #1 is making their PPV's matter again. Mission accomplished. Don't feel like it overshadowed Ziggler at all but...
  16. The lack of ziggler praising this monday was...disturbing. Even when john cena adressed it, it felt underwhelming. But i'm going to assume that this was deliberate and they are just waiting for sting to come out and put ziggler over on a promo. So yeah, as long as he does not overshadow what was a great moment for dolph's carreer, I'm fine with the way they debuted him
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    I've been defending the WWE Network a lot on news boards and such because in all honestly, the money they lost is not as dire as it seems to be. A big part of the loss is startup capital which generally makes it impossible for a new business or a new business model to make a profit until the new business or new model has been in place for a minimum of two years to a maximum of five. So the 40 million loss isn't too surprising to me and I am assuming it's not to them either.

    HOWEVER, now that I got that out of the way, Snowman, you are absolutely, positively correct. The pay per views have to matter to people because if the WWE Network ever succeeds, the pay per views are the main selling point.

    Even before the WWE Champion stopped appearing on the pay per views, they were making odd decisions. Back when I was a teenager, the card for a pay per view would be finalized weeks before the event to allow more build up to the matches. Now the cards are not even finalized by the time the events start. I am not 100% sure, but I think it was Payback when they added two matches previously not on the card simply because they had to kill some time. One of them was Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs "Rybaxel" (I feel dirty even typing that) which we had already seen three times that week on Raw, Main Event and Smackdown.

    So, with all of that, you're trying to sell fans on your pay per views and giving one pay per view for free, seems like the best time to debut the biggest name who has never wrestled for the WWE (I am aware he actually did at a much younger age, but that's not the general impression).
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  18. Fuck no. WWE caters to the casual fan, always. It wasn't done as anything amazing, unless HHH vs Sting happens someday (pray it won't happen) and yet it lead to DB being on RAW seeming a lot more special due to the fact everyone was expecting sting. They still got the 2nd best thing (casuals, I mean) and I hope we don't see him again until months later.
  19. No.

    RAW shouldn't be the platform for such a debut. It's been rumored for more than a decade and maybe even before that, and to have him debut on RAW of all places would have been so anti-climatic. Survivor Series has gotten slightly more legit after his debut, imo.
  20. To quote Daniel Bryan....
    "NO. No. NO. No. NO. No. NO. NO. No. NO. No. NO. No. NO. NO. No. NO. No. NO. No. NO. NO. No. NO. No. NO. No. NO. NO!"

    The way Sting debuted on Survivor Series was perfect in a pivotal match. There was no better way to debut a returning superstar, than that Survivor Series match.
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