Should Superstars become a brand

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by 8429, Apr 15, 2012.

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  1. It could be a brand for low card Superstars to preform until them become midcard Superstars.
  2. No imo, they can't book the ones they have.
  3. There should be no brands in my opinion, but sayhing that, NXT is better than RAW and SD atm lmao.

    They should just actually build a midcard instead.
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  4. Personally, I think they should open more school and territories and spread it out a bit. There ought 2 b official extensions in Canada/UK if possible. No need 4 TV contracts, but extend the family with trustworthy teachers. I see such talent that is regulated 2 certain geographic regions, its a shame
  5. NXT pretty much already is a brand, it has it's own roster and everything. It shouldn't have a title if that's what you mean, that would ruin the show.

    Superstars is fine for what it is, a way to get the guys that they couldn't get on TV (because they needed more Three Stooges cameos) to go put on random matches and earn their checks.
  6. I personally wouldn't want WWE Superstars to become it's own brand, it wouldn't make anything better really as I know most of us wouldn't tune into it unless it had something decent going, which I highly doubt.
  7. I wish they'd have the odd big name on at times, like Orton when he was WWE champ when it started.
  8. It's considered one now, really. Why not make it official? :pity:
  9. Absolutely not. There's no point since it won't make any extra viewers tune in or anything.
  10. I think superstars does what it is trying to do just fine, give low cards a chance to wrestle and a reason to travel and improve. It's not recognized as a brand because it really isn't about storylines.
  11. Superstars isn't considered it's own brand. NXT is but that is because NXT actually puts out interesting content and feuds.
  12. You think Matt Striker being kidnapped is interesting?
  13. More interesting than 5 segments of the three stooges.
  14. Last week, Hawkins and Reks kidnapped him to convince Maxine to use her, um, "powers" to convince Regal to get off their backs, while Bateman and Kaitlyn found Striker tied up in the closet and freed him, for Striker to grab Hawkins's cane and weakly swear vengeance upon his kidnappers, as Maxine was ratting Hawkins and Reks out to Regal in hopes of getting a spot on Smackdown.

    So next week, Bateman and Kaitlyn may be framed, or be treated as heroes. Regal may have special plans for Hawkins and Reks, Striker may go berserk on whoever he suspects kidnapped him, he may go back to being a full-time wrestler, you just don't know. And who knows with the Maxine and Regal stuff.

    It may not be the most personal storyline out there, but it's an actual interesting cliffhanger for next week full of complex possibilities, something we haven't seen on Raw or Smackdown in years.
  15. I'll agree with you for 4 the last one had Kane chokeslam the fat one :otunga:
  16. :shock:

    Crayo favoring NXT?

  17. :facepalm:
  18. Superstars shouldn't become a third brand because NXT is already in that function nowadays.

    My favorite thing on NXT is the Kidd vs McGillicutty feud atm.
  19. Try responding to him, he's made a strong argument there and replying with that basically makes you look like a tool.
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  20. :gusta: