Should the Aces and Eights have broken up differently?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, Sep 28, 2013.

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  1. (I'll just make this thread and leave the conversation alone, don't worry)

    So TNA has spent so much time over the last sixteen months to build up the Aces and Eights, and this is the payoff. The babyfaces got a few wins over the peripheral guys. AJ got Devon fired and now the MEM can claim Wes Brisco's head, but for the most part the Aces are just taking out themselves. They beat up D-Lo, Doc's contract expired, and now Bully's just feuding with the rest of this group.

    After all this build, how much would it help the babyfaces to have done more to take out this faction? What could they have done after all this build for something to actually come of it besides maybe a miniature Knux push? What would you have done differently?

    (This clearly wasn't the original plan. The change in Creative took place recently and in Bischoff's first week as head of Creative he formed EGO to give the MEM someone interesting to feud with, and immediately the Bully/Tessmacher/Tito alliance formed to split Bully away from the Aces.)
  2. Yes, The whole story started off cool at first but just got worse and worse to where we are now where it is just a pile of shit with Brooke and Bully on top, Even before people started getting dropped the only decent guys in the club was Bully, Devon and DOC, The rest were just shit.

    With the Main Event Mafia you guys can back this up that I was excited for it just to see it fail really especially when they brought in Rampage but I still kinda like them for Magnus and their feud with EGO.

    EGO are GOAT.
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    Well the whole thing ended up being a mess because most of the A&8s were a joke. Not only did they have regular singles matches (aside from Bully and Anderson), but the big implosion within the group should've been bigger. Now we don't know what happens to the members after the group ends, Bully will lose the title and probably still be in the title hunt but everyone else might even be released. We don't know.

    MEM was disappointing too, I wanted to see this:
    > Sting is pissed off that nobody helped him, reforms a new MEM
    > Sting recruits Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz as his first two fellow members
    > At Destination X, Bully defends against Sabin and loses the belt. During their next big match, the A&8s try to interfere, and when Rampage tries to make the save, Ortiz turns heel. Bully takes the title back from Sabin.
    > Magnus and Joe arrive and Sting realises that he needs his old friends back, and Mr. Anderson reveals that he's a double agent and saves Magnus, Joe, Rampage and Sting from the A&8s
    > Mr. Anderson loses at No Surrender, but Magnus, Joe, Sting and Rampage win their own elimination tag match with Devon, Bischoff, Brisco and Ortiz. Devon is fired as a result of being the first man to be eliminated, with Ortiz last to be eliminated by Rampage.
    > At the next Impact show, Bully is pissed and calls Devon useless, before turning on Bischoff and Brisco, stating that they need to learn from Ortiz. Knux defends the two young guns, but Bully tells him to back off. Bully then ridicules Knux for not being able to help the A&8s when he came in to interfere. Meanwhile, AJ has won the BFG series but decides against joining the MEM.
    > Knux tells Bully that if Ortiz is so good, then Ortiz will beat Rampage next week. If not, Knux loses his place in the group. Mr. Anderson returns after the big No Surrender title match, and helps Rampage defeat Ortiz before the two leave for their big MMA fight. Knux, who is fired from the A&8s, comes back to attack Bully and Bischoff and Brisco turn their backs on their leader. "Bros before 'ho's, man."
    > The A&8s is disbanded and Bully loses the title to AJ Styles at Bound for Glory 2013, while Sting puts Magnus over. Ortiz and Rampage return as friends, being a new part-time tag team. Oh, and EGO are GOATs. lel.
  4. If you are suggesting more new big babyfaces should've been created by the Aces falling apart, then you're right (lets remember there's still some time left for that).

    AJ Styles did send Devon packing, though. Samoa Joe submitted Wes Brisco, thus packing him too. Bully Ray made Ken Anderson look like an awesome babyface in the Last Man Standing match and also, a star, that he wasn't from early 2011.

    The problem is, none of those didn't quite need those big wins for them. All three of them are established TNA stars.

    I wish Magnus capitalized more from the Aces & 8s. Bottom line, some people did capitalize, some didn't - it could've been done better.

    Now lets wait and see how the last two active members, Knux & Bischoff, end up.
  5. I think that even the A&8s didn't have good singles matches and feuds aside from Bully, Anderson and Devon. Bischoff, Knux and Brisco should've had feuds and matches so we give a crap about them, even Ortiz wasn't such a bad speaker for me (Rampage was worse) and I was looking forward to seeing him fight.
  6. Even though they didn't quite build up the new babyfaces via the Aces & 8s, you gotta give credit to them for at least building Bully Ray as the mega, ultra, scumbag dictator bully as the Aces continue to crumble. Once Bully falls down, it should be a big moment.
  7. It's pretty ridiculous. I remember hearing the Bryan & Vinny show from F4W and he was talking about how the Aces and Eights are being built for SO long, so it should have a massive payoff. And uh, there was NO payoff. DOC just left. Devon got beat, that was fine, but still. They started taking the A&8s out piece by piece, when for me they should be strong until the end when the babyfaces (MEM in this case) finally end things. Right now they're still around but it's just Bully, Garrett and Knux. So there's not even a póint in finishing the Aces anymore, as they're irrelevant as a faction now. I'm sure this wasn't the original plan, but you know. It's a bit anti-climatic. So yes, they should have finished this differently.
  8. I felt as if Magnus and possibly Garrett should have had the main parts to end Ace's & 8's, just to help build them. Everybody else in the feud were already big names and had great careers. This would have made these two stand out more and gave them credibility and spotlight, but instead the spotlight was given to Sting, Devon, Mr. Anderson, Kurt Angle and AJ Styles. All this build up just feels so useless now. It's a huge shame that something that was grown this long, provides nothing.
  9. This is why the Nexus was such a great stable, regardless of shitty booking. They were all rookies and in the end, at least one wrestler came good out of it. If it wasn't for WWE's shitty booking, Barrett might have been a world champion by now. We also have Slater, the GOAT jobber and Gabriel. Skip Sheffield became Ryback, and Michael McGillicutty became Curtis Axel. While it would've been a massive gamble, you can always throw a respected heel veteran in there to lead the rookies.

    Bully Ray leading Devon, Mr. Anderson, Garrett Bischoff, Wes Brisco, Zema Ion/Rockstar Spud and Tito Ortiz would've been quite good with Anderson becoming a double agent and Devon leaving. Those two could be replaced by Knux and/or DOC and at the end of it all, you have Garrett and Wes - even if they are shitty and a better young guy, maybe Ion or Spud to be over.
  10. That did help, as it was great for solidifying his face turn. Made it feel like a big deal. :obama:

    Trying not to hijack the thread and turn it into a big Aces rant but not sure how Magnus would get anything out of this.
    With the way the Aces were at the end, how would him getting the decisive win over the Aces at BFG be that much better than him taking out EGO?

    (Then again what he got from the BFG Series shouldn't have been nearly as good as it was, either. Wrestling's weird.)
  11. He would've gotten a big rub only if he beat Bully. MAYBE if they had booked someone in Aces well over the year, but yeah, we know where that went.
  12. Hahahaha that's what they did with Ace's an 8's?

    That's what TNA does with EVERY stable.

    Planet Jarrett
    Team Canada
    Main Event Mafia
    World Elite

    Really that's the only angle TNA ever does. They make some bullshit heel stable to try and take over the main event, and the babyfaces sort of band together, and then nothing is really resolved. TNA is an endless abyss of shitty stables, pun intended. Let's see what the next one is in 6 months. I gave TNA a shot for a couple years until I figured out that they're the drizzly shits. I will be quite happy when they finally close up shop and disappear.
  13. I would hardly say 4 is endless especially if thats 4 in 11 years and enjoy hoping for it to close shop because it shows no signs of happening, Enjoy the long wait.
  14. Sorry to spoil your party, fanboy. If you love your amateur hour, by all means pour your money into the endless shithole that's TNA. There's lots of nobodies there AKA "TNA originals" who will surely be broken down and living in a trailer park in the next 10-15 years.
  15. It's a TV show, and we enjoy it.
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  16. That's cool and all. It's just a shitty TV show.
  17. I never bought into Aces & Eights... It was a group filled with mostly jobbers.
  18. Its far from shitty.
  19. Hey welcome bro (and most probably WWE smark), we really missed another "knowledgeable" TNA hater!

    I would try to argument with you, but what can I do that when your grammar is a disaster, I mean take a look how you wrote the Aces and 8s. Haha please leave and never come back, and I'm being polite.

    If you're gonna shit on TNA because they have primetime slot on national TV that is Spike TV, 1.3 million viewers weekly in USA, 200k in the UK + many more worldwide in over 120 countries via TV deals; and employ 50 wrestlers (150ish people overall), that's OK with me. It's my pleasure. :emoji_slight_smile:)
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  20. Exactly, He is a smark who mocks smarks.
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