Should The Authority Be Forced To Join The Kiss My Ass Club?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Apr 16, 2015.

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  1. We all know that The Authority angle isn't gonna last forever (...right?) and that when their current role on-screen comes to an end, the most likely scenario in which they'll lose their power will be the long rumored idea of them challenging Vince for complete control of the company and then losing (which will now presumingly happen at Wrestlemania 32.) However, to me it isn't enough that they simply lose their power; they must be humiliated in other ways as well.

    My idea is that in the wake of this, Vince tells them (just as he did after they lost last year at Survivor Series) that he'll allow them to keep their jobs with the company as it relates to backstage matters (while completely restricting them from ever appearing on-screen and welding power over the main roster again), but this time, it will be only under one condition - they have to truly and utterly humble themselves and show regret for what they did by joining the infamous Kiss My Ass club.

    I mean, after all the hell they've put so many people through for months and months on end, I feel something like this is only appropriate. If one must be humiliated for their actions, what better way to do so than to force them to literally kiss the ass of the person whom they tried to defeat but failed? I mean, it's one thing for the boss to force ordinary employees to kiss his behind; it's a whole other depth of humiliation to force other authority figures to do it given there's almost no other supreme form of emasculation for people who have enjoyed wielding power and control over the lives and careers[​IMG] of other people for so long than this.

    There are, of course, the obvious questions pertaining as to whether this would pass as suitable content on a PG show, or whether HHH and Stephanie would even agree to it in the first place, but otherwise, the idea is golden, I thinks.
  2. Vince is a face now. No way are they busting out the KMA club for that. That's one of the few pure heel tactics left, let's not sully it.

    As for Stephanie being humiliated and actually getting comeuppance? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLnevergonnahappenLOLOLOLOL

    But yeah, the Authority needs to be dropped several pegs once it's over. But I do not see them using the kiss my ass club for that.
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    you really wrote like 5 paragraphs on this lmao

    did we get the original post or is this another wrestling forum recycle job?


    OK, 3 short paragraphs. It seemed like a lot more on my phone :booker2:
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    You hit the nail on the head with '...right?'
    I've considered this and have come to the conclusion that the Authority is going to be relatively permanent.
    Vince's intent was retire after his feud with Bret (going full circle with the Mr. McMahon character).
    Once fall 2011 rolled around, HHH assumed Vince's role to assimilate the current audience to HHH as the new 'Mr. McMahon'.

    Long story short the Authority will suffer embarrassments but never fully go away. The changing of the guard took place.

    Edit: I'd like to know how long HHH expects to be a dominant force in the ring. It isn't problematic just unusual for an authority figure to wield that much cache.
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  5. I think it's more effective when it's used against heels than it is against babyfaces. Willingly getting down and smooching another person's behind is the kind of helpless scenario that no babyface should ever lower himself to, no matter what (which is why no babyface ever has... guys like JR, Shawn Michaels, etc. were attacked and had their heads shoved into McMahon's ass by force), whereas it's different when you can force a heel to humble himself enough to do so. It's been used on heels to great effect a couple of times before (i.e William Regal in 2001), and besides, we're coming up on nearly a decade since somebody was last inducted into the club. There's some novelty to it again.


    I agree that Hunter and Stephanie will always pop out and play the sporadic role of the authority figure in some form or another, but I do think the current version of their authoritarian role will come to an end at WM32 at the latest.
  6. Seeing as how DZ and Sheamus will be having a 'Kiss Me Arse' match at ER, this KMA club with The Authority being involved might actually happen, but I wouldn't hold my breath for it.
  7. That's actually what sprang the idea to mind in the first place. Although they'll probably end up doing something lame like having either Sheamus or Ziggler kiss the other's ass while their trunks are still pulled up. Not that I'll be terribly upset at not having to see another guy's arse or anything, but still, if you're not gonna go the full monty, why even bother with the stip in the first place?
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  8. I also think the Authority is going to be somewhat permanent from now on, although there could come a point when they don't play such a prevalent heel role as they do atm (for some time). But I don't think this is how they'd end things.
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  9. Yea I don't see any reason the Authority is going to go away any time soon.
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  10. Well, I don't think The Authority angle will come to an end anytime soon either, but this whole tyrannical reign of their's that has lasted for the past two years clearly seems geared towards some sort of climax at some point. Even McMahon's initial role as the evil owner only lasted for roughly a year and a half (March 1998-July 1999) during the first go-around.

    It makes sense for them to save it for Wrestlemania 32 since that show needs as many big angles as possible and the buyrate for last year's Survivor Series (despite the entire Network being free that month!) speaks volumes as to how many people are/were intrigued by the prospect of The Authority being banished forever.
  11. I'd keep the Authority around all day at this point.. definitely make the swap on a few members though.. J&J can be replaced, Kane and Big Show can be replaced.. Seth can be replaced after all is said and done with their relationship.. but Triple H in the Authority angle has been pretty solid for business at this point.. It's not something I legitimately see going away within the rest of this year and next year.. however I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled a swerver and officially ended it out of the blue.. I hope not.
  12. So... there are people who legitimately want to see this thing drag on forever? Is this the same forum that were complaining before about how bored they were of seeing HHH and Stephanie cut pretty much the same promo every week or not?
  13. I, for the record, don't really want them to go on forever as they are now. The angle has been played out for quite a while.
  14. I, for one, don't want the Authority to last but I don't necessarily see a better alternative.
    However, I'm aware HHH and Stephanie would prefer to milk this thing and use every excuse in the book to do so.
    They can go back and claim the evil owner(s) gimmick fed into some of the most successful times WWE has ever had.
    If they moved away from the Authority, they'd likely replace them with a face GM that would grow stale insanely quick quality wise.

    The Authority's initial 'banishment' would pay off, but it would be impossible to replace them effectively. (WWE actually shouldn't replace them at all. The GM shtick has run its course).

    Edit: The only person who could pull the GM role right off the bat, after the Authority's demise, would be Hulk Hogan. By his own admission, Vince prefers being backstage.
  15. I'm tired of authority figures in general. I'm all for venturing back into the days where the authority figure calling the shots didn't have to involve themselves in the storylines so frequently and only showed up on-screen to rule on important matters and otherwise left everything else to the talent. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your viewpoint), because everyone knows who's running the company nowadays, it doesn't have the same authentic feel to have, say, William Regal or Brad Maddox running the show because you know there's a higher authority figure in charge above them who can, and at times likely will, come in and change their decisions on a whim. We saw Vince do that a couple of times with Vickie Guerrero (like changing the Survivor Series 2012 main event after it had already been booked.)

    Still, every authority figure (even Vince) has their expiration date, and I feel that someone taking down Triple H in a match and ostracizing him and Stephanie from power as a result could be a huge, star-making rub akin to when Batista brought down HHH back in 2005. I find more comparisons between The Authority's reign of terror from 2013 to now with HHH's reign of terror from 2002 to 2005 (as leader of Evolution) than with Vince's run as the evil owner back in the day, but that's a topic that I'm preparing to make a separate thread about.
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