Should the Hall of Fame be a private held ceremony?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by CM Punk, Apr 6, 2014.

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  1. Hell Yeah!

  2. No [I'm an idiot]

  1. I'm currently re-watching Jake's speech and fuck... these people are so annoying, yelling shit. Like, give some fucking respect and shut your mouth so I can listen to his story. What do you guys think? I would say WWE personals, Celebrities and both their guests only.
  2. This crowd was much better than previous years. But yeah, show some respect.
  3. Of course. I don't see the need for fans at all. The chants and idiots yelling dumb shit were just annoying.

    That said, it probably never will be. Money to be made selling tickets to it, so they'll continue to make it.
  4. Im sure doing it without fans would work out and all but like DZ mentioned they make money selling tickets to it so they'll most likely keep it public.
    The most open I would go personally is simply just allowing the families of the people being inducted.
  5. I think when you buy a HOF ceremony ticket it should have a "stay silent (no random yelling or chants) during speeches or get thrown out" clause to it. Applause during the speeches is fine and the Thank You chants when an inductee first approaches the podium is fine... but yelling out random shit during the speech should result in he person being removed from the venue and losing the money spent on the ticket.. and then actually enforce it.. and it will remain silent during speeches once everyone sees a person or two removed.
  6. At the very least they need to make sure fans entering the arena know some decorum is to be expected. I know Punk said that chanting wasn't supposed to be allowed, but they should actually enforce that.

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  7. Shouldn't be private, but the fans need to show some decorum.
  8. This is the memo by the way.

    The fans are fucking idiots.
  9. Judging by this, I'd say the security were the idiots. Enforce the rules, dumbasses.
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  10. If it means that we get the WWF/WWE Rage Party back, I'll take it.
  11. The crowd need to learn to show some respect.
  12. Should it be? Yes.

    Will it be? No.

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  13. Nah think it's something that should be celebrated with everyone.

    Now if you mean they have it how it is but have no fans, then I would agree.
  14. It should be held as a private ceremony. Yeah, they'd lose a little money because of the number of tickets they wouldn't be selling, but for a company that makes the kind of bank that this one does, I doubt they'd even notice. It's only one night out of the entire year and it'd be worth it if it meant getting rid of all the obnoxious fans who keep repeatedly yelling shit when the inductees are trying to give their speech.
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