Should The Miz Be Forced To Become Sandow's Manservant?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Apr 11, 2015.

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  1. I've been thinking of a way to milk as much out of this angle as possible before setting The Miz and Sandow off onto their own separate paths for good, so here's a decent if a bit predictable of an idea - The Miz should somehow be forced to become Sandow's servant for a certain duration of time. Their match at Extreme Rules could involve a stipulation that states that if The Miz wins, Sandow is either forced to leave WWE forever or forced to become Miz's servant forever, and on the opposite side, if Sandow wins, The Miz is forced to instead become his servant forever (by 'forever', the stips could mean that only if or when Sandow or Miz chose to set the other free would they be finally relieved of their servant duties. Clearly this isn't something that would go on forever.)

    We could get some good comedy out of Miz now being forced to serve Sandow and feeling what it's like to be treated as a subordinate instead of the other way around. And after say a month or two of milking this for all it's worth, Sandow can then embarrass Miz one last time by forcing him to do something really ignominious if he wants to finally be freed of any servant obligations forever.
  2. It would be a fine blow off for it, yeah.
  3. Yes, please. I'd be entertained by this, I think...
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  4. This is some domination fetish type shit.
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  5. Who wouldn't love to be able to wield complete control over their enemies?
  6. The Handcuffs are free hopefully, it's going to be nice seeing Sandow get his first solo PPV win since MITB 2013.. or so I hope that's how it goes.. as for this idea I think it'd be pretty funny for a few weeks but nothing long term of course.
  7. Movie rights on a pole match
  8. I would be down with that. Make sandow wear latex and we're golden
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  9. So what? You're telling me the next movie they're doing is 50 Shades of Miz?
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  10. Manservant lol. Great word.
  11. I've had enough of WWE's cheesy garbage as it pertains to entertainment.
    A fart is more entertaining than the writing these days.
    People might get a kick out of Miz becoming Sandow's stunt double, but I wanted a match between the two at Wrestlemania.

    It's funny that Miz/Sandow and the Rhodes siblings had so much invested, yet couldn't even make it on the Wrestlemania card. Sh*t decisions by sh*t company.
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  12. There's always been cheesy shit that's went on in WWE. I have my own preferences as well as my own limits to how much cringe I can take, of course, but I can certainly tolerate what Miz and Sandow are doing far better than I can things like Natalya's ridiculous farting gimmick, Rikishi shoving his ass in people's faces, or just about anything that Hornswoggle happens to be doing at any given time.
  13. What is ridiculous about the stink face??? Seems like one of the most legit moves in wrestling. I bet prime-Rikishi could win a street fight with the stink face.

    plus the move was over as fuck. Nothing made the crowd pop like a heel getting their comeuppance via the stink face.
  14. I'm actually one who'd have campaigned for the Miz/Sandow match in the first place.
    Both characters were effective, the audience was invested and, most importantly, there were clear objectives between both competitors.
    For that matter:
    AJ/Stephanie - We'll likely never see because the Bella's HAD to be featured in the A spot.
    Lesnar hasn't been pinned and likely won't be for some time - They're protecting his image but this, at least, 'opens the door' for Daniel Bryan to be considered to slay the dragon.

    A new era hasn't begun yet. Maybe Wyatt will win next year. Maybe Rollins won't be booked so redundantly next time. Maybe Ambrose will... I dunno... taste momentum?
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  15. Rikishi's stink face was toilet humor, and toilet humor pretty much rests at the bottom of the list of things I find funny. I don't give a toss how over the move was.

    I agree it deserved a spot on the Wrestlemania card, but I also believe the card was already stacked enough as it was and even if you were to hypothetically remove the Divas tag match from the main card and place it on the pre-show instead, I would have still given the extra time to the Tag Team Title match rather than to a match between Miz and Sandow as the former not only had championships on the line but was somewhat exhilarating in parts, too. (I'm pretty sure that was a run-on sentence in some way.) It's unfortunate but there just wasn't any room for Miz vs Sandow this year.
  16. You posted a thread on multiple forums concerning the use of the term "dick licker" and you are talking down to poop jokes?
  17. Yep.
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  18. Well then you sir, are a hypocrite.

    Nobody is above toilet humor. We all laugh at it from time to time you pretentious bastard
  19. Nothing hypocritical about it. It's me finding one thing funny and another thing not. Toilet humor is generally thought of as anything having to do with poop or fart jokes, and those have nothing to do with dick jokes. And for what it's worth, I'm not even a big fan of dick jokes, it's just that dick licker is an insult that I barely ever hear, and if said by the right person (since how funny a joke or put-down is depends on who's saying it and how they're saying it), it can be funny.
  20. I actually agree with Lock here. Poop is disgusting, dick is funny. I would lick a dick without second thoughts with my life on the line, but I wouldn't eat shit

    Also, maybe this should be a thread in Serious topics and debates. "Are dick jokes above poop jokes?" would be the most heated discussion of this forum's history
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