Should the NWO have stayed as the original 3?

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  1. We all saw how half of the WCW roster ended up in some form of the NWO, but do you think it should have stayed as Hall, Nash and Hogan, expanded slightly or should it have been kept as it was? If you were to induct new members who would you have added in and how?
  2. I was fine when it slightly expanded to include the Giant and Ted Dibiase. Then they let that shit head Waltman in and it was all downhill from there.
  3. Agreed on the Waltman side, I think the 3 of them was fine. Even Giant was a bit too much imo.
  4. Should have stayed close to the original three with maybe one or two extra members as it got far to complicated and it just seemed like random members were being added at times without any real sense of when and why.
  5. The group got too ridiculously large, but I wouldn't have kept it at just the original three. Eric Bischoff added a lot by sort of 'leading' the group. Syxx was a good addition. Scott Steiner's betrayal and sort of physical transformation when joining was also very neat, but unfortunately, that happened when the group was starting to get really stale. Savage looked good as a heel in the group. Giant was a good addition, though he didn't last long (until he joined again in '98.) I think this might be the limit for me.

    Dibiese, Vincent, Scott Norton, Disciple, Stevie Ray, etc. didn't really add anything to the group. I might list Bagwell there as well, because he played the arrogant part very good (possibly because he really was an arrogant ass in real life) but not all heels need to be a part of the NWO. It's possible to be a heel and play the part without being part of the main heel group so Bagwell could have done fine without them (not that he ever amounted to anything anyway.)
  6. I think the nWo should have go more time then it! Did when WWE took it over! That should have put in to it so fans take it seruis! And then Hogan quick after WM18 go back to the Yellow and Red Hogan! Which looking back at it I think was the WRONG move! I think that should keep in him nWo and get more guy for WCW that were in the nWo to be in the WWE nWo and then get so new guy in there as well! But WWE just book it right! B/c that did know the back write of what the nWo was for! And that why in fail in WWE and fail WCW! If ur going to being something that was not a part of what u made then u going to need to make the nWo look just a good as it was in the WCW! Vince did not do that which why it was ended so quick as it did in WWE!
  7. Well they were building an angle where the nWo was a completely different "company/brand" than the WCW. They had to expand... but it did get kinda ridiculous.
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