Should the NXT Championship be apart of WM31?

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Jan 12, 2015.

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    I was basically skimming articles on a few sites and I came to a few discussing the NXT Title and the possibility of it being defended at WM31 or perhaps even the Wrestlemania Axxess part of the weekend.. I didn't feel like reading the article because it seemed like a whole lot of words with very little context IMO soo I basically was just discussing this with a friend of mine and we seemed to be split on it so I wanted to ask the WWEF community how they felt about it..

    Basically there are no plans currently to involve the NXT Championship match on the card for WM31 however there are discussions within the company about it which really became the inspiration for these other articles being published around rumor mills, news sites and dirt sheet sites..

    What is your opinion on the matter? Do you think the NXT Championship should be added to the card as a nice kick-off match to start the show? Do you think it should be apart of the Axxess weekend matches going on outside of the card itself? Or do you think they should just keep the NXT brand title matches to their respective show/universe and away from the main roster PPVs?

    Personally I wouldn't mind if the NXT Title match was on the WM31 card in fact I would probably embrace it, HOWEVER at this time it seems like that card may be pretty crowded as it is and the only way they might be able to have it done is if they do a rush job with it or make it the kick off to open the card which may make the match last a lot shorter than it respectively should.. My final answer would be YES! I do want to see it on the card, especially if some matches that no one cares about gets announced or pops up on the show itself come time.
  2. You're trying to get all these "casual fans" who only buy Wrestlemania to subscribe to the Network long term, right? Then you need to give them a reason to stick around, and what better way to do it than a WM match between Zayn and Owens? It would be stupid to not do that. Play to your strengths, WWE, and NXT is one of them.
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  3. That would be the exact match I would be interested in seeing as the title match that would possibly added to the WM31 card.. if they have room for it.. I swear if there's two divas matches on the card I would be totally pissed off.
  4. No. The main roster can suck it.
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  5. No better way to tell the main roster that they can suck it by having a sick potential 5 star NXT match on the card and having them show them all up.. it may inspire the main roster to get their shit together and start putting in more work (not all of them but a lot of them).
  6. Well, "main roster" was a bad way to put it. I don't mean the actual guys on the main roster, I mean the main shows. I don't like NXT being put in there at all because it's always going to suck, plus NXT doesn't really need exposure imo. It's not like they're making money off it. So I'm not in favor of risking a crappy build and no reaction for a match between people I most likely enjoy for exposure. Now, this is me being pessimistic of course, but still, Charlotte lost, lol. I'm also not a big fan of having the guys be on the main roster while still technically being on NXT, I don't know... it's a bit odd. Call them up when you're gonna call them up. Again, it wouldn't hurt in any way but I have a bad feeling whenever NXT and main shows are on the same place.
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  7. Ahh that makes sense, true that I suppose.. mainly the build-up part especially.
  8. Nah, NXT should remain where it is and continue to reek of awesomeness!
  9. Although I cannot disagree with this rationale at all. We've reached a "damn near guarantee" status that - from the standpoint of match quality alone - that a Zayn/Owens match would be far superior on NXT - Arrival than on Wrestle-freakin'-Mania since the wrestlers aren't nearly as watered down (see Axel, Curtis... and any NXT callups lol)

    And the match quality is the only thing the main roster has going for it... yikes.
  10. So really...

    -Business standpoint, looking at network subs and all of that - Put it on there.
    -Fan standpoint, taking in just what I want to see - literally everyone I like being called down to NXT and staying there forever and Wrestlemania just being a bunch of old guys
  11. As far as being on the main card I can see where some people would be coming from as far as the build-up not being well known or crappy I would imagine due to NXT not being watched by a decent bit of WWE fans..

    What about the Axxess weekend part of it where they have matches going on other than inside the main ring? They had this kind of thing last year except IIRC none of the titles were involved in any of the matches.. There are a lot of people who take part in that event and I imagine they could just tape the match and air it as an NXT special similar to the Axxess special they had last year in place of NXT.
  12. Perfect world booking says "just put the build on NXT, show a video package that explains everything clearly in a few minutes and watch the cash roll in", that's all you need but it's so far from realistic with Vince and the Bunny running the show
  13. Hunibunny? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

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  14. Dunny the Bunny.
  15. Plus the crowd reaction would be much better. Granted WM crowds are smarky enough that they'll know who's in the ring but still no way it beats Full Sail.
  16. The fact that Full Sail is like 18 miles away from the Impact Zone is the biggest mystery in wrestling history. It's like a whole different galaxy.

    Yes, I'm just spamming random shit in this thread, sorry!
  17. Didn't know this. Indeed weird.
  18. How about we just let main roster guys perform with the freedom that they allow NXT wrestlers to perform with? Shocking and crazy suggestion, I know. I always cringe when people get their little dicks so hard over NXT performers. Yea, they have a lot of talented guys, but so does the main roster. It is two different products being booked by different people for different audiences.
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  19. NXT is a better product because HHH has creative reigns over there.

    On the other hand, the main roster has a shitload of talented guys, but that product can't be as good as NXT because a clueless 170 year old man is in charge.
    If Vince's old ass stepped aside, HHH/Steph could do great things with it.

    And you're right, the main roster guys should have free reign over their performances.
  20. I'm not trying to knock guys like Zayn or Steen, I am big fans of those guys. They would no doubt put on a great match at Mania as they have put on many great matches before. But there are countless pairings of performers on the main roster who could go into Full sail and tear the roof of that place just like the NXT guys do if they wanted.

    Idk, I'm not really saying anything people don't know, just think the main rosters wrestlers get an unfair rep compared to NXT workers when really the reason NXT is better is completely out of the main rosters performers hands.
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