Should the NXT tag titles be treated as more prestigious titles?

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Punk_Axel_Ziggler_Fan, Jul 22, 2015.

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  1. Obviously, there are three championship titles in NXT, WWE's developmental territory; the NXT Championship, the NXT Women's Championshio and the NXT Tag Team Championship. The NXT Championship and NXT Women's Championship are both treated like important titles, with both championship matches being treated as co-main events on NXT special events. However, the NXT Tag Team Championship isn't treated as such an important or prestigious title. The champions don't compete/appear as much on NXT as the other champions, and the NXT Tag Team Championship match on NXT special events is never treated as a big match and often isn't announced until later on. I think that this hurts tag team wrestlers on NXT, like Blake & Murphy, The Ascension and Enzo & Cass. It can't be used as a 'claim to fame' like the other two championships can, and former tag champions often fade into obscurity. Oliver Grey is the only former champion in NXT history to have been released and have never made it to the main roster, for example. Do you think the NXT Tag Team Championship should be given more exposure or would that take away from the other titles?
  2. How long is the program? Truthfully, I haven't seen it. That may be why tho.
  3. It's an hour long show. Special events are two hours, with a thirty minute pre-show.
  4. If they feel the other champions are more significant, those people will get more TV time.
  5. But surely that's on creative to build up the tag champions and make the title more important, no?
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  6. Correct! It's the booking, not the people who hold it currently.

    But from what i've seen, I think something big is going to happen in the NXT tag division anyways.


    But to answer OP, Yes it does deserve more exposure, and i'm sure it'll gain it in a few weeks time.
  7. They are treated importantly. I don't see the point of this thread to be honest. It's not like the main roster were the belts are an after thought most of the time. In NXT every belt is treated as important.
  8. Really? I don't see that with tag belts at all, to be honest.
  9. Traditionally tag titles are kept below singles belts. But the titles are definitely kept as important. The champs don't job because of lolz, they are hyped on commentary (Although it is baked into the controversy surrounding BAMF winning the belts to begin with) and most important of all. It is presented as something that wrestlers want to hold, unlike on the main roster where the belts were forgotten until December.
  10. Yeah I get that singles belts are most important, but like I said, I don't feel like the tag belts are as important right now. All the focus is always on either the NXT or the women's belts since they had the influx of big names in the singles divisions.
  11. Oh yeah, the singles belts are def taking up majority of the air time. But the time the tag belts get isn't exactly wasted either. There's still a pretty clear direction in that division with Enzo and Cass winning the belts.
  12. I can only speak from experience. I could be terribly wrong, here. Tag team matches are shorter in length and the spots will tell a completely different story than a singles match will. In a singles match, you can sell so much longer and maybe even taunt the crowd if you're a big enough star. Since this happens, tag teams receive less individual attention from the fans watching. I was always told they are there to enhance a show, not steal it. Sometimes guys like the Briscoes are treated completely different from that tho. Things could be different now, I suppose.
  13. Hopefully Enzo & Cass will elevate the titles to new heights.
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  14. I really hope none of you takes this offensively, but it is very easy to tell people's ages and relative experience with the "sport" of pro wrestling when there is discussion on the issue of tag teams.

    Up until the 1980's, Jim Crockett Promotions (later and more popularly known as WCW) made a big deal out of the tag team titles and tag teams in general. While the World Heavyweight title was always (and rightly so) the most important title, it was nothing to see a major show headlined by a tag team title match or even a major tag team feud match. Just when it looked like tag team wrestling had a chance to really take over, however, the mindset that existed in WWF (and AWA, New Japan, All Japan, etc.) took over in WCW with Ted Turner buying the company and Eric Bischoff (an old AWA hand) took over the creative direction of the company.

    The WWE mindset (and the prevalent one in the world of pro wrestling today) is that singles matches (and singles titles) are the most important part of the show. It has famously been reported that Vince McMahon views every tag team for the "Rockers Effect" (if you will), wherein we look for one superstar and one....well...Marty Jannetty. Even when a tag team has reached main event status (Hardy Boyz, Dudley Boyz, E&C), it's felt that there's a superstar (Jeff Hardy, Bubba Ray, Edge) and an....other (Matt, D-Von, Christian). So long as this is the prevalent mindset in WWE (and, thus, NXT), you'll never see the tag titles placed in an important position unless they're given to two guys who are already stars (as when Jeri-Show held the titles). Even when the titles are given to two guys on the eminent cusp of stardom and or on the verge of descending into the midcard (as in the case of Team Hell No), it's doomed to short-term status as those guys are going to be broken up so that the one on the rise can be pushed.

    In response to the OP exactly, yes, I believe they should be treated with more prestige, but I don't see it happening unless there's a true change of thought process regarding them.

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