Royal Rumble Should the Outlaws win the Tag Titles at the RR?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 21, 2014.

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  1. I think it would be awesome if they win the belts, defend them a few times and carry them into Mania as champs to put a team like the Usos or Real Americans (face turn??) over. It could add some serious prestige to the penny belts if the Outlaws have a run with them
  2. Yep, they need to get the Rhodes bros. feud going. No better way to start then dropping them to the ageless one Billy Gunn and the new mouth of the South Road Dogg.

    If you ain't down with that I got two words for ya!

    TOO BAD!
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  3. Road Dogg had me rolling on commentary. "I had a cramp, I was stretching my calf!"
  4. Personally I won't mind as long as they drop the belts to the Usos. I think the Real Americans can wait, even take the belts off of the Usos eventually themselves.
  5. I sort of feel like the opposite. I think the Real Americans have an expiration date that might be soon (because Cesaro needs a face turn, but maybe they can turn face as a stable if they tweak the gimmick? Seems like a sharp turn) but the Usos will be a tag act their entire careers, they have plenty of time to win the tag championships many times over, plus the longer they wait the better the feel good moment is when they finally get that win.
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  6. True, but recently The Usos have been in a hell of a role. Going over The Wyatt Family, Shield and they technically even beat Daniel Bryan twice. I say put the Real Americans on the side because both of them already have championship history amongst both wrestlers. Of course it could work with Real Americans taking the belts off the New Age Outlaws, then The Usos beating the Real Americans, but that's only if WWE keeps The Usos as a really solid team.
  7. Would not be surprised at all if NAO took the belts from The Brotherhood during Sunday's kick off. I think it would be best for the tag team division to move that belt off of a team that was put together due to the circumstances at that time when they were trying to get Cody his job back but get Goldy a job too. They've had a nice run but gotta let another tag team get some prestige (Real Americans or Usos hopefully).

    Personally I like PTP but that's mainly because Titus O'Neil is a DAWG!
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  8. At first I was thinking this was an awful idea... But it would spice up the tag division and if they lost to the Usos I would be ecstatic!
  9. IF NAO win at the RR, Usos will be taking the belt. If the Rhodes retain, im expecting Real Americans to pull it off. I'm cool with either one, as long as I get Cody vs Dust at WM.
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  10. It would be a great way to build up a tag title match at wrestlemaina between them and the USO's. but they still have to go through EC PPV.

    Maybe it should be won at the EC PPV.
  11. I really hope not. After they unfairly eliminate Punk from the Rumble for the authority, they need to leave.
  12. Why?
  13. What do they bring to the roster that we didn't already have? New Age Outbores. I find them pretty dull tbh.
  14. A 5X tag team champion that entertains most fans, for starters. They add a lot to the division and a feud with such a notorious opponent could be great for a number of up and coming teams.
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