Should The Sheamus/Cesaro Rivalry Continue?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Sep 22, 2014.

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  1. We've seen from a couple of matches they've had on Raw in the past and from their match that opened the Payback PPV earlier this year that these two have great chemistry in the ring and can put on a hell of a contest if they're allowed, and last night we saw what was arguably their greatest match yet with one another. So considering that and considering it's safe to assume that WWE Creative have nothing specific lined up for them next, should they just let the feud continue into Hell In A Cell PPV? If they can't be arsed providing much buildup for their lower-card championships, then they can at least stick two guys with tremendous in-ring skills in there with one another and let them have the best match of the night. I vote for a 2-Out-Of-3-Falls match at HIAC.
  2. Who cares?

    As long as Cesaro wins i'm fine with this dogshit running out, but i vote last man standing.
  3. Yes. Give me a best of 3-5 series with those two.
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  4. Unless they've got plans for Cesaro going for the WWE-WHC, I'm perfectly fine with these two continuing the feud...
  5. I say 3 matches tops....and then have Sheamus begin a feud with Brock....and lose, of course. let Cesaro successfully defend the belt at Mania.
  6. I liked the match from NOC. I would kind of like to see Cesaro win. Sheamus and Cesaro brought the fight.
  7. Well, since they're not into writing good midcard storylines, why not. It can't hurt to see a few good matches over a title.
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  8. Yes i would like to see it continue =)
  9. 24 hour loser gets deported Iron man match.
  10. I'd have no problem with it continuing, they do great work together.. I do want the series to end with Cesaro winning though, even though he's technically above the US Belt which Sheamus it is too having several continuing good matches for it's defense will bring it to be pretty legit, the IC belt would start looking pretty nice if these were the kind of matches going on for that championship.
  11. I don't really see how either man is above the US Title, honestly. Sure, Sheamus is credible enough to at least challenge for the world title, but he also got pushed to the moon and they got very little out of it. Both he and Cesaro's main assets are being tremendous competitors in the ring, and with the United States (and Intercontinental) Championships always being thought of as the "workhorse" titles, both guys are perfectly fit for competing over the strap.
  12. If you are one of those fans that doesn't 'buy' the small wrestler deal, why not endorse this match-up?
    These are two truly big burly guys who, traditionally, define the circus wrestler from the old carny days
    Cesaro is a Professional Wrestler, a guy Bruno Sammartino would travel the road with.
    Sheamus is Vince's prototype. He's a cartoon character who tips the scales and has a loud, charismatic personality.

    This is a fun feud to watch. It isn't serious as much of the drama will take place inside the squared circle (unlike every other feud WWE cultivates.
  13. If this means that Cesaro can finally get himself going again (hopefully with Heyman coming back, which Cesaro eventually finds insulting as Heyman didn't support him when Lesnar returned) with the US belt, go for it. Then Sheamus could go for Lesnar on one of the B-PPVs, freeing up both guys to do their own things and become main eventers.
  14. Now would be the perfect time for Sheamus vs Lesnar
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