Should the Shield start competing in matches?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. Read this opinion on a Bleacher article and figured it would make an interesting topic.

    Has the Shield's "just run in and attack people" schtick run its course? Does it risk getting stale and should they start competing in matches to create some more depth to the characters and stable? Or if not: Do you think it will soon or can they keep just doing run ins for a long time?

  2. Yes, they're starting to get stale for me. All they do is attack and run every week which is getting immensely boring. Like @Crayo and the rest say, Ambrose is a great competitor. Why don't WWE put them in matches to showcase their skills? To create further depth in their roles, to make their gimmick more interesting and to show they're serious. I know they're outsiders however constantly interfering and running off is just going to cause people to not care about them anymore.
  3. I think they should compete. Their match against Team Hell No and Ryback was brilliant during TLC. It would add another element to them and legitimize them as a threat on multiple levels.
  4. No, I swear the IWC is so annoying. We all complain about how rushed Nexus & Summer of Punk was, but we now complain about this being too slow... God, it's perfect at the moment people. The faster you push this the faster Ryback will beat them all, so enjoy it whilst Shield are on top.
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  5. It may get stale if it continues for a long time. I'm still alright with it, but they should start evolving the story soon.
  6. Holy shit this. They only debuted, what, a month and a half ago and they have already competed in a MOTYC, I really don't know what more we should be expecting. Ambrose and Rollins are getting a massive push and we still find a way to complain!
  7. No. If they do, it'll ruin it kinda.
    They should start competing in PPV's until their debut on RAW after Mania.
  8. Just release them all they clearly have no use in WWE. Attacking people from behind is hardly a long term career in WWE
  9. I say no. They need to keep attacking people. But they need to branch out and attack people other than Ryback and hell no. Let them be rebels instead of wrestlers. That's what makes them interesting.

    ~Three Said That~
  11. True, I mean look at X-Pac, he attacked Chyna from behind and his career was cut short.
  12. Well, not yet. I'd put the 3 of them in singles matches at Extreme Rules.

    Imagine this: Moxley vs. Danielson in a Cage Match.

    Dude, you run a wrestling forum. And yet, you act like a noob sometimes by letting other people's "controversial" opinions get inside of you. I'm not trying to be a dick here, I'm just stating the obvious.
  13. Yeah it's so inside of me, I wasn't able to eat my coco-pops this morning as this was bothering me all night. Damn my health is now becoming at risk because of how serious I take this. Thanks Joe, you have saved a life today.
  14. That part was an obvious exeggeration, but w/e.
  15. Yes they should, their match at TLC was incredible, and I definitely want to see more of it.
  16. BTW Clown. Who would you pit the members against once they go into singles competition. You who have seen a fair bit of Moxley and Black's indy work I guess would have an interesting opinion on it.

    With Reigns I'd probably let him work with veterans like Christian, who can help him grow on the mic and in the ring. I think Reigns has tons of potential but needs more polishing, thus I believe a story in line with Kennedy's and Orton's pushes (vs legends/veterans) would benefit him.
  17. I agree with Crayo. They've already had a match, and their attacks only take a few minutes, it's not like they're taking up 30 minutes of the show or closing every single Raw. Gives this time and see where it goes.
  18. But they should start developing the storyline before it gets stale, I'm so much waiting to see Dean wrestling :upset:
  19. Moxley/Bryan, Kane and Rey Rey

    Roman/Christian is good choice

    Rollins/Orton, Rey Rey and Sheamus

    I guess, from what I know.
  20. Moxley vs Bryan, Kane or Rey would all be good matches. I'd also guess the feuds would be interesting.

    As for Rollins I like you putting him against Orton and Rey. Sheamus I am iffy on due mainly to Sheamus laziness in the ring. I feel like he would slow the match down too much. In my ideal scenario Rollins would turn face and feud with some heels, Rollins vs Cesaro (Castagnioli) or Rollins vs Sandow would all be good matches and future feuds I think.
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