Should the WWE have persuaded Averno further after signing Cara?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 6, 2013.

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  1. When the WWE announced the deal to sign Mistico it was supposed to a huge signing for them, he was going to be the long term heir to Rey Mysterio as their Lucha King. Sadly multiple botch filled matches seem to have stalled that progress, the failed drug test and injuries probably didn't support his case also. Now why am I telling the delightful smarks of WWEforums something they already know? To offer background to a simple solution, when Mistico was delivered to the E rumours began to circulate about the E bringing in his long term rival Averno to ease his adaption to America, these two had worked together many times throughout the years so could have allowed Cara requiring less of a sudden adjustment.

    A short video showing their work together, Cara is fluid here and could have adjusted that over to the WWE easier with the support of someone who knew him inside out.

  2. Yeah, I heard about that back in the day. Wouldn't it just be easier to put him in developmental? There's no need to bring in a new wrestler just to make him adapt.
  3. I'm guessing they wanted to capitalize on him with the lucha market, was Rey injured at the time?
  4. I think it would have been nice if the guy was signed to WWE but for that reason only somewhat. They brought in Hunico for that reason and he's served Sin Cara well in the past. I guess having another guy would have helped but like what Leo C had said, having him in developmental would have gotten him better acquainted with American wrestling like Mysterio was when he wrestled in WCW
  5. Hunico has been with WWE longer than Sin Cara I believe. He was already in developmental when Cara was brought in.
  6. The big problem with that is having a monster draw in Mexico and potentially Japan, one of which is one they want to be further established in how can you have all the fanfare around his signing to just put him off TV for a year or 2? Mistico was a very special signing for them so I'm not sure if that was an option in all honesty.
  7. Was this before or after the negotiations began?
  8. He signed in 09 according to Wiki, WWE signed Cara in early 2011, so either they were very long negotiations or before.
  9. I have to disagree with you there because one of the loudest pops a superstar can get is a return pop, although the pop wouldn't have been American audiences, I'm sure the Mexican and Japanese audiences would have been captivated by it, not only for his emergence, but it being in WWE as well.
  10. Could be, who knows, but he was certainly lifted from the developmental roster around the time Cara came around for sure and I don't think that was mere coincidence.
  11. It isn't a return though it's a debut lol, plus Mistico was hot during this time in the latin market, would you have lost 2 years worth of revenue from him if he was in FCW? He may have even refused to go there, he was a huge star so it's not like they would have turned him down IMO. He was voted box office draw of the decade btw, this kid made mad money for CMLL and Vince's eye will have been full of dollar signs.
  12. If he had been on a 1-2 year hiatus from wrestling in general it would have been his return to wrestling (not to WWE obviously lol) I would have been smart about it and tested him out with a few of the American wrestlers first although the popularity is undeniable.
  13. He was lifted because Sin Cara got injured and suspended in the middle of his hot streak (debut run). Hunico was brought up to play the role of Sin Cara whilst the real one was rehabbing and serving a suspension.
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