Should there be a compromise?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. Some people call my optimism and reviews on RAW stupid. For example, I'm in the minority when I think DB feuding with Sheen is the second best thing for him right now (I still think he should have held the belt but hey). Also I was overjoyed with Ziggler losing to Riley. Little things like that push me in the minority at the moment, but I think there is plenty that WWE has given us in comparisons to recent years.

    Punk's title reign was viewed by many on here -- including me for a while -- as abysmal. Some compared it to a Cena reign, some couldn't even watch his segments. I personally think that was anger on how Punk could have been, and how he was wasted from MITB 2011 and after. Though to put his reign in the same sentence as Cena's reigns are unbelievable imo. Think back to 2009, would you have imagined the vanilla midget CM Punk and Daniel Bryan walking into Wrestlemania 28 as WWE and World Heavyweight champions? I would have laughed if you said that.

    During Punk's reign he has had feuds with Ziggler, Jericho AND Bryan and has provided some awesome matches. Is there anyone else you would have added above those three? Okay, his character was the main reason people were pissed. Sure, he was numbed down a bit but he still had that cocky type persona with his "best in the world" gimmick, something which always gets raped when WWE turn a character face. I think people over exaggerated on his "bad promos" with that character. Sure, there were no pipebombs but they weren't exactly borefests either on most occasions.

    Now this isn't just about Punk. Since that abysmal 2009-2010 period, we've had Rock return to have a dream match with Cena where we witnessed some awesome edgy back and forth and a result that most of the IWC fapped over, though I was not a fan of Rock going over Cena. We have also witnessed Brock Lesnar returning, which I never thought would happen so soon after his UFC career ended, where he entered into a feud with Cena which was fantastic until the 3 count which resulted in him losing.

    Generally speaking, the PPV match quality has drastically increased in WWE too. We have already witnessed some classics and we can only witness more when Dolph and Rhodes get their deserved pushes. The point I'm trying to make is, are some people (seriously, no one in particular so don't get mad Dolph's) picking out negatives for the sake of doing so? Are some people just seriously expecting too much in this modern product. I feel that compromising needs to happen. Sure, seeing a Hornswoggle segment sucks but I don't see why that deserves like 10 pages of hate in a discussion thread more than an epic Daniel Bryan segment.

    WWE is changing for the better and I will continue to say it can only get better from here on out. They have faith in who most of us want them to have faith in (Punk, Bryan, Ziggler), that has to be a good thing right? I can list a lot more positives too. Separate feuds are returning, there's quite a lot of non-title feuds happening at the moment. They seem to have ditched this "MUST GET THEM ON TV FAST" approach if they have real talent -- instead, they're nurturing them and waiting for opportunities like they are doing with Ambrose. NXT seems amazing, if it's a sign of the future WWE than fan-fucking-tastic.

    What's your opinion on this anyway? Does there need to be a compromise? Do people seriously go on and focus hard on the negatives and disregard the positives? Am I just being stupid and over-thinking? I'll tell you one thing though, my method, my mindset on WWE makes me sit down most weeks now and enjoy the show. And no it's not me "putting up with shit", it's just looking at things differently.
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  2. Someone needs some no more tears baby shampoo. I wont compromise, it's been better, but more soap operaish. 4 minute matches with 16 minutes of commercials and 10 minutes of drama every half hour is horrible. I just wish both companies would drop their AJ feuds.
  3. WWE needs to make a compromise with the marks. WWE isn't all little kids. If they were smart enough they would know that WWE would be just as influenced as it was in the attitude era maybe if they push on our demographics.
  4. I agree 100%. Compromise must be done and they are changing for the better, we just cannot expect it to happen over night. Also social media is a big part of our society, it will get connected to a spiring and successful product.
  5. I don't think anyone needs to compromise their opinions. If you love the show great, if you hate the show great. There is no right or wrong and everyone is entitled to feel however they feel. If you think Raw is the shit, more power to you.
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  6. This is awefully how it should be, if you hate it then hate it, you can still watch it if you want though.
  7. It's not really asking about compromising their opinions. It's suggesting, or more so discussing the fact that the negatives outshine the positives, which in my opinion pretty much describes most of the IWC right?
  8. My brain wont allow for compromise :emoji_slight_frown:
  9. It's weird, reading this and Dolph's thread as the two of you have polar opposite opinions on the matter yet I find myself agreeing with a lot of what both of you have to say.

    I'll start off by saying I 100% agree about Punk and his title reign, the hate it got was absurd considering it was one of the best WWE championship reigns I've seen in ages. Consistently great PPV matches, promos were very good by face standards - a few awesome ones as well with the promo on Laurinaitis and the first one with Jericho - and consistently entertaining fueds IMO. Was a big fan of the reign though I do think he should've lost it to Bryan, oh well.

    I think what irritates myself and others so much about WWE is that they have ridiculous amounts of talent in their roster, and yet totally underutilise it. You mention the fact they have faith in guys like Punk, Bryan and Ziggler but 2 out of the 3 of them are being taken completely in the wrong direction. Bryan's been turned into yet another comedy heel, which is totally off as he could be a vicious, aggressive heel that destroys everyone. Punk's currently being portrayed as an unreasonable whiny bitch - when he should be ripping the piss out of everybody. I appreciate that he has done some of that with Lawler, which has been fucking epic, but again, he can be so much more than what he currently is.

    That's not the worst examples though. Guys that have proved in the past they're good enough to be main eventers still just get buried. Christian for example, he's more than talented enough to be in the main event yet apart from the burials from Orton he's not been in it for years. Riley proved he had what it takes last year and is still ridiculously over, yet he just jobs on superstars. Mark Henry was absolutely epic in his world title run, obviously the ratings rocketed and what do they do? Put him in a fued with Big Show then job him out to Sheamus a few times. The same happened with D-Bry to be fair. Rhodes is the same as well, proved he could do it as the IC champ yet gets buried by Big Show and pushed down the card.

    So we have all these talented guys who were over with the fans and yet they continue to shove guys like Sheamus, Del Rio, Big Show and even to an extent Cena who needs changed up.

    Still, I'm still relatively positive about WWE has a whole and they have enough talent to keep me interested. I could easily turn every point you make in the OP into a negative: Bryan and Punk may have gone into WM as champs but Punk's fued and match with Jericho was underwhelming and Bryan got buried in 18 seconds. All The Rock did was return to bury our biggest talent and the entire roster in the process. Brock's return was wasted by jobbing him to Cena etc etc. However I don't want to just look for the negatives in everything and to be honest, just try and enjoy WWE for what it is. I use WWE as something to enjoy and just get away from everything in life for a few hours - there's no point just watching if I'm upset about it all the time. Sure a load of things irritate the hell out of me, but I try to ignore them as much as I can and just enjoy the show. I just wish they would make WWE as good as it could be and not waste as much talent as they're just now.

    Still, I look forward to Hunter being in charge and the debut of Ambrose whenever that may be. Ziggler seems to be on his way to a world title run and Punk's character could turn out to be very interesting. Bryan - well he's fucked but will continue to produce great segments and amazing matches considering what he is given. The WWE seems to have a bright future ahead of it.
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  10. I think you were trying to make a funny but you are absolutely right. I can't just say 'okay brain I know this part sucks and it will be followed by an ad soon and we will probably get a corny Cena segment after that but just remember the good parts and ignore the heaps of shit'

    Doesn't work that way
  11. agreed.
  12. Like I was saying in another thread, I think for a while things were weird cause it was sort of a transition from the old way of WWE doing business and the new way. Any transition is going to be awkward at first.

    Now that they seem to know where they're going, I think that things will continue time improve from here.
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  13. Great post.
  14. Cant disagree with this. Just need some title changes.
  15. i can ignore the negatives, I suppose cause I've been too many live events to frown upon it any. Most of the stuff seen on TV is so much better live-in person.

    I don't care for Brock too much and AJ saying :yes: too often makes me want to pull her out of her head. That's me splitting hairs though. hee hee
  16. I agree with crayo
    most of these internet fans just complain about raw each and every week... if its that bad then why do you watch it? (btw .. your not a hero if you dont watch it so dont post that you dont)
    i think when it comes to championship reigns most people treat it like their favourite underground bands... they love absolutely everthing that they do until they become mainstream the all of a sudden you guys dont like them anymore
    cm punks reign has been great... hes been the best man for the job and hes done it well and since raw 1000 (fap fap fap) he has been and will continue to be epic
    2011 was an awesome year for wrestling... not because it was the best "wrestling" so to speak , although there was some awesome matches and fueds and alot of underrated matches as well, but because the stopped a declining trend in the wrestling industry. 2010 was by far the worst year for wrestling period. And you can date that back as far as you want to. 2010 absolutely sucked. From boring matches, boring fueds, boring champs... hbk retired, benjamin and mickie james got fired... absolutely nothing went right... 2011 saw cm punk take centre stage by pointing out the wrongs of the company then and he has basically been on top since. 2012 continues to add to the growth of 2011 by adding superstar blockbuster superhyped matches like cena rock , cena brock and hhh brock and im guessing rock punkfor roayl rumble. For mine wwe is moving in the right direction and i for one am happy to be along for the ride
  17. This year I have to admit there have been moments when I have wanted to smash my laptop or TV as I've fumed at what they have done. Saying that the only reason Punk got slated was imo the length of the reign and the fact he was so watered down as a face it got boring. Especially when you compare to AE faces who used to be able to push boundaries still however I realise this isn't as easy now in a PG era.

    However recently I feel things have improved not hugely but signs are there of a change ppl are getting pushed in the right direction Punk's character going heel is giving him a much needed change in style which helps ppl to appreciate him again. NXT is working a charm and you can see the improvement of them taking time with people before bringing them through.

    Also we have big positives atm of Miz has returned DZ is getting that push and Barrett is back soon which are only going to help the company. Also Ambrose must be due to debut soon Lesnar may do another year, Jericho hasn't ruled out another comeback after the Fozzy tour and Rock is floating around as needed. Also Heyman is around which I feel will help things as despite him having issues with some in WWE they know what he offers the compnay.
  18. I don't think I complain that much about the shows. I do complain a bit, but not that much... I think I'm actually sort of impartial and I have a casual mind. Of course, when I see stupid segments and bookings I get pissed but most of the times when I see something that's bad but not that much I don't really mind it... but that's just me I think.
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