WrestleMania Should they add a stipulation to the WWEWHC match at WM32?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Snowman, Mar 19, 2016.

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  1. Simple question. After all this manic crowd brawling and announce table beatdowns and chucking still turned on televisions and repeated chairshots and backstage insanity, shouldn't they announce Reigns vs Hunter as a street fight, Last Man Standing, Believer's Backlash, some sort of stipulation?
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  2. No DQ or Count outs would be fine. I also have a feeling that there will be a guest referee.
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  3. How about a Bullrope match? Hell, Texano can be the special guest referee. :jeritroll:
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  4. No DQ or count out and we potentially have WM 25 all over again.

    First encounters generally are void of stips, it gives rooms for installation in 2nd or 3rd matches.

    HHH is entitled to a rematch in case of a loss but at his age we'll see. He may be asked to work a 2nd or even a 3rd match as he'd done with Batista in 2005.

    Things would certainly get more personal then (considering Extreme Rules and Payback are forthcoming). HHH has mentioned Reigns' daughter before and I can't see him not doing so again.

    As @Prince Bálor alluded Ambrose has the makings of another Daniel Bryan which means the more they attempt to put Reigns over the more it will simply transfer over to Ambrose.

    It could inevitably lead to a let down on Ambrose part taking expectations on himself few can measure up to.

    Cliff notes :
    No stip first time out.
    Have Taker or Lesnar close show
    Ambrose will be going over by proxy since Reign's (and Bryan's) steam are being transferred over to Ambrose.
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  5. ^Great post.
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  6. Yeah, that'd be better
  7. Yeah a no dq stop should be thrown in last minute by McMahon or Steph at mania so Reigns has much more stuff to work with.
  8. Red Rain already pretty much said everything I was going to. There's already stipulations attached to the other two main event-level matches (a Hell In A Cell and a No Holds Barred Street Fight, respectively), don't really need another one unless you want this turning into Extreme Rules a couple months before the actual Extreme Rules PPV gets here.

    Plus, there's an extreme likelihood of Reigns and HHH re-matching each other at least once or twice more, whereas Taker/Shane and Brock/Ambrose are programs that clearly won't be extending past Wrestlemania, so you can do a gimmick match then. They've even swapped the Payback and Extreme Rules PPV with one another for this year, so if they end up facing off three times in a row, ala HHH/Batista in 2005, then the third and final encounter between the two would be at ER, where the entire PPV is centered around gimmick matches as is.
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  9. I like the ideas here, Ambrose ending the show sounds like a great choice but can never happen because of how WWE wants Roman shoved up our asses.
  10. I agree with The Goat. Plus I don't think a stipulation would matter anyway, I just can't see Reigns winning. I think HHH needs to lose the title to Seth Rollins when he returns
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