Should They Do A One Year Build With The Undertaker/John Cena?

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  1. We all know (at least those of us who aren't short-sighted) that not only will the Undertaker one day face off with John Cena at Wrestemania, but that they're clearly saving it for the Undertaker's final match. (They've been kept apart this long for a reason, hopefully you're able to figure out why on your own.) But when it comes time to finally book that match, do you feel they should resurrect the idea of doing a year long build like they did with John Cena/The Rock and announce a year ahead of time that it'll be the match that headlines the next year's Wrestlemania?

    Imagine the night after a Wrestlemania, for example, John Cena is out there giving a promo at the end of the show and then the lights go out and the Undertaker comes out and confronts Cena. After a long, cold stare into Cena's eyes without saying anything, he points towards the Wrestlemania sign and gives a short speech about how he wants Cena for Wrestlemania next year and how he intends for it to be his "last ride" (the Undertaker's last ride, that is... I've always believed the way Taker's final match should be promoted is him announcing that it's his final match and handpicking the last great opponent that he wants to do battle with.)

    Yay? Or is it still too soon to do the "one year hype" thing again?
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    Meh, I don't see how it adds to hyping up Mania really. Alternatively, while staying with the idea of a long build, why not have anUndertaker and Cena stare down in the Rumble and one eliminates the other? It's much more 'organic' and natural than one just randomly challenging the other. Anyone I think Cena will get the last shot at WM32 in Texas, leaving WM31 for Wyatt probably.

    I hated this year's start with Brock. Still don't understand kayfabe why Taker would be bothered. I thought what they did well with the HHH/HBK Streak matches is that they were trying to convince Taker to defend the Streak to see if they can break it. He had a reason with Punk, the Paul Bearer mocking, but Brock seemed stupid.
  3. I think Cena/Undertaker is a big enough Mania match to warrant it. I think it will be difficult for WWE to keep the strap off Cena heading into a Mania (although, in fairness, they've done it this year and with only one world title, it's easier), but adding a title stip to the match would make it completely obvious that Cena's ending the Streak (if that's not obvious enough already).

    As for it being too soon to do a year-long build again, it's not like doing an invasion angle where doing it over and over in a short period. By definition, a one-year build takes a year, so, while I wouldn't think they could/should do it every year, doing it every two or three for huge matches like this one is completely fine.

  4. I actually like this angle. However, I feel it is too soon to do the 1 year hype type of thing. Not to discredit Taker as he's big enough for this to happen, but because The Rock just did this at Mania 28 with Cena and did this with Punk at the Rumble (although this was a shorter time frame); I feel it's too soon to do it again. What they could do, and this is just a thought, is have Taker come back at Summerslam this year. Cena wins a big match and is peaking again....and then, bam! Lights out....a bunch of things are shown on the screen about the streak and Cena's career in general... and then it cuts off....Summerslam goes off the air an Cena is confused. Then at the next PPV a similar video is played....eventually, at some point, Taker will emerge and Tombstone Cena and then issue the challenge.
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  5. Pointing toward what WrestleMania sign? Undertaker would look like an idiot when people watch it back (on DVD or whatever) that he was pointing at the previous year's WrestleMania sign. Vince's micromanaging mind wouldn't allow that.
    Now that I'm done being a dou***, I'm not in favor unless Undertaker was using another persona of his. For a year long build, it would have to be more personal (in my eyes). For his last match, this would be far less Dead Man for it to work best.
    If it's Dead Man, the Survivor Series would be a great place to begin the feud (the same PPV where Undertaker [1990] debuted and the heel John Cena [2003] retired)

    If it's ABA/Big Evil, then do a year long build that gives the younger audience a fresher glimpse of the Undertaker as a competitor and as a person.
  6. I'd pass on a one-year build, it's just too long. When you do something like that, you fall into some issues. For example, you can't put the guy in the title picture then since him winning it wouldn't be believable (and would hurt the match, since Taker isn't winning the belt) so you'll have him work filler feuds for a while like that crap with Kane before WM28. And you remember the first few months after the Rock/Cena match was announced, it just felt like they were getting us hyped for a match that was so far away in the distant future that.... what was the point, really?

    But it does need more than just the traditional "Alrighty, it's March... lets dust off Undertaker and put him on Raw with his opponent..." build. Even starting at the Rumble would be a nice touch... Maybe you can have Undertaker IN the Rumble, and he takes out Cena and himself because Taker doesn't feel like his Streak is validated without a win over Cena?
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  7. I don't think they should unless taker plan on showing up more frequently
  8. They can build up that match for 5 year's for all i care. I wont be watching... Hopefully Undertaker decides to give it up before WWE pounces on that match idea.

    I haven't watched a Cena match for 5 year's and i'm not starting now.
  9. no! the only one I see doing a 1 year build would be Sting for a WM which still think will never have been! If Cena that should do it the way there do with other WM opperents!
  10. not really if remember CM Punk earn the right to feud with Taker when he won a 4 way on Raw which I was there in Buffalo NY! It was not until after that Raw Paul Bearer die and then next week that did though whole think with Punk disrespect Paul. I really would have like to know what that would have done if Paul had not die shortly after that Raw I win to?
  11. Taker/Sting isn't worthy of a one year build and hype imo. They really shouldn't waste the idea of hyping a match for that long on guys who are BOTH part-time attractions (this is what Sting would be if he returned as he obviously wouldn't want to work a full schedule, and he's openly stated in interviews before that only on those conditions would he ever sign with WWE.) I'm apathetic whether that match even occurs, honestly.
  12. Considering that Taker would most likely not spend a year on the road, it would make the feud pretty boring. Also, what would be the center of the feud. The streak, the Cena legacy, someone's career on the line? Plus, would they attack each other? Would someone turn heel? I don't find this to be a year long build.
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  13. The fact that it would be Taker's final match (I'm 100% certain as stated before that they're intentionally putting off a match with Cena until Taker retires) and the fact that Cena would be his greatest opponent (in kayfabe terms, as far as who is the most likely to end the streak goes) yet.
  14. First of all, fantastic thread. As soon as I saw this thread title I was thinking about it for a while. Now to answer it.

    No. I wouldn't want to see this. I want the shock value of the announcement that Cena wants Taker or Taker wanst Cena. I don't want to wait a whole year because I found the year-long build actually made my interest in the final match deteriorate over time with Cena and Rock. I want it to be announced and then have intense week-after-week build between the two before Wrestlemania, so we can go into the PPV with the utmost of anticipation and excitement.
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  15. Sorry. you're right. I made a mistake.
  16. That why Sting and Taker should be 1 year build! There both part timer and everyone online had ask this match! So if Sting did sign with wwe and the rumor are true (which I don't believe by the way) and he make dubut the night after wm30 that would best time to start 1 year build with taker! Taker could be written off and sting could be going for awaile while wwe try selling t-shit. That maybe to do storyline like cena and rock were there team up at s.seris and then feud at wm31!
  17. How is Sting a part-timer?
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    uh? he 55 years old! he would be a part timer in wwe!
  19. Ok, you have a slightly valid point (for once.) Having a one year build revolve around two part-time attractions could work out better since things wouldn't be as predictable all year round that way (i.e. we knew Cena wasn't winning the WWE Championship or the Royal Rumble match before Wrestlemania 28, for example, since he already knew for a full year that he would be fighting Rocky at the event, and we all pretty much figured it wouldn't involve the championship.) Still, Taker vs Sting isn't really a match I'm looking forward to. After seeing Taker do battle with a list of established names (Shawn Michaels, Triple H, CM Punk, Brock Lesnar) at six Wrestlemania events in a row, I'd want to see Wrestlemania 31 revolve around a younger guy who's looking to challenge and end the streak to make a name for himself, not just Taker versus another legend. (This is only assuming Taker doesn't retire next year... in that case, obviously I want to see him square off with Cena.)

    He's stated in interviews before that if he were to sign with the WWE, he would only be willing to work a part-time schedule (since he's 55 as of today and doesn't want to risk getting injured at his age.) Supposedly, McMahon wanted him to work a full schedule and that's what prevented him from signing with the company back in 2011.
  20. I was talking in the sense of his TNA days. Plus, I only see him wrestling one match in WWE. He'd be more of a one-timer.
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