Should they have cancelled the show last night?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. They continued after Lawler's heart attack with no commentary through the majority of the show. You could see Cole struggling to cope on his own, and there were shots of him with his hands on his head visibly upset. Lawler is obviously a well-loved figure backstage, and you must put your hadns up and say well done to the likes of Cole, Cena, Hart, Punk and all the professionals who had to remain professional on screen

    The question is though, did they do the right thing continuing and letting it play out without commentary but updating us every fifteen minutes or so with Lawler's condition, or should they have just cancelled with an explanation from Vince or HHH and saying they will announce Lawler's state on WWE.COM in X amount of minutes?
  2. What? Lawler had a heart attack.... Damn... Im not that far in the show yet..

    Hope he is legit ok!
  3. This man voices my opinion. They handled it very well and everyone who came on that show after Lawler's heart attack handled themselves very well (yes even Sheamus).
  4. Yeah during a segment he started breathing heavily, all commentary stopped and he obviously had a heart attack. You could see Crew running around the place and such, and he was taken on a stretcher to the back to receive CPR, which apparently saved his life, and then to the hospital where he's now stable but in a critical state.
  5. Well, the show was pretty much over.
    So I guess they thought giving refunds at this point would be useless.
  6. There was about an hour left.
  7. Fantastic article which perfectly reflects my opinion on this too.
  8. 2 Squash matches 1 short match and the Main Event promo in 1 hour?
  9. Well considering how heartless Vince was towards Owen by carrying on that PPV when Owen fell to his death then its obvious Raw wouldnt of been stopped
  10. I don't think they should've cancelled it, there wasn't much time left.
  11. Re: RE: Should they have cancelled the show last night?

  12. Can't give a good opinion on this...

    One side says yes, it should've ended, but the other side says no, WWE personnel are professionals, and handled the situation like professionals.. Hard to call.
  13. Two words. Owen. Hart.
  14. No but they shouldn't have gone overtime and it was longer than recent ones also.
  15. This, i feel bad for just reposting spot over and over, but the guy is quality....all damn day.


    Wouldn't have, Jesus. This is a good point, but realize they most likely should have learned to fix mistakes, and this is far from what happened to Owen. The show must go on, as they say.
  16. I'm on the fence, but after seeing how they handled the Owen Hart situation you knew they wouldn't.
  17. Another thing is that they couldn't even if they wanted to. It's not their decision.
  18. From a show perspective it wouldn't have hurt that much. They replayed the entire ME segment during Smackdown, so they could have just done it on the show. They could have re-booked Miz/Sin Cara to set up the Fatal 4-Way, ADR/Tyson and Otunga/Sheamus could have been scrapped.
  19. It's hard to speculate on what the right decision would've been. I believe they kept the show rolling when Owen had his accident, but they regret it because he passed. I think if Jerry had passed that night they would've felt the same way.

    On the flip side that last segment was pretty damn good. I couldn't get into it as much because of the whole incident with Jerry, but it was an awesome segment.

    They also had the option of transferring that part to be recorded on Smackdown and cut one of the 5 or 6 raw rebounds they always have. It's tough to call, but I'm glad they didn't cut it and they show carried on very professionally.
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