Should they have waited?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Solid Snake, Sep 9, 2018.

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    The whole Kevin Owens storyline felt pointless since he returned after only missing one week.

    Like if they really wanted it to stick, he should have been gone longer and continued to play a role on social media down talking RAW and WWE to really sell it like he did quit. It could have made for a really solid story but of course, they don't think long term and rush something else.

    Do you think they should have waited? How would you have booked this?
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  3. "A solid story".. It's great that you're so optimistic about their storytelling ability.. but WWE isn't very creative anymore.
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  4. Maybe I should have emphasized "could have". They did the KO and Jericho story good in my opinion but everything else for the burly bear has almost entirely sucked.
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  5. Here's the problem, WWE doesn't know how to do long term anymore. Kevin is a talent that gets people to watch every week and they can't lose a big guys like that. He might not be a top star right now but he is damn sure entertaining. That is what they need right now. If it was me I would have kept him off TV for a while and waited for the right time/storyline to bring him back.
  6. Not surprised tbh.

    Remember when CM Punk won the WWE Title and stole it from WWE. So important that they had to find another champion, screw over Rey Mysterio, etc, only for Punk to return 2 weeks later?

    I've lost trust in WWE storytelling a long time ago. They don't plan past 2-3 weeks.

    You guys hear about Velveteen Dream doing some EVOLVE shows? Could've easily called up Gabe and had him book Kevin for a couple shows, too.

    But nah, they had him quit to return the very next week to attack Bob Lashley, of all people.
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  7. @Solid Snake Did you create this thread simply to post
    that photo of Owens with his cat using him as a chair?
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  8. No but I specifically used that picture because it was a topic about Kevin Owens :kitler:
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  9. Sure...
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  10. Jericho and Owen's was fantastic. Maybe the last great story they did.. but they haven't done any great storytelling in 2018.. They could've done a better job if they fire all the monkey's and hire some real writers with creativity.
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  11. Bingo!

    Winner Winner
  12. I just wanna know Owens motives. He quit. Then he returned the next week. Then he attacked Bobby Lashley. Wtf.

    The reason WWE doesn't do long term booking anymore is because their fans are impatient ass holes. 'We want heel Ambrose Noooow!!!' holy shit let them tell a story jeeze.

    But yeah, Owens quiting was pointless. It just makes him look like a brat. Which is a good thing since he is a heel. He lost to Seth and he took he's ball home, then the next week he wants to play with the other kids again. Classic heel. Or classic kid that is just asking to get bullied.

    Owens got so frustrated that he did something based on he's emotions. Now he has gone back on he's word cuz he is a dick. So I guess there is a point.
  13. The only one to get over as a brat and coward was the Miz. This doesn't work for everyone and I am not sure why they keep trying it.
    Like the whole "heel guy is a coward, complainer, quicker" move. Just let it go.
  14. "I Quit" storylines are always lame.

    A waste of time pantomime.
  15. It's not cowardly though. It's Owens being Owens. KO quitting then returning the next week is a KO thing to do.

    Also I don't think Miz is the only one. Triple H's entire character was him wanting people to think he is a Viking warrior but really he is a coward.
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  16. That was all WWE though, not Kevin. They scripted him to quit and they scripted him to come right back.
  17. Yeah but the script hasn't conflicted with the character. So atleast the booking doesn't fuck up Kevin's character. Even though it was obviously a bad call to make.
  18. I guess so. WWE kind of screws up everything even when they stick to a gimmick.
  19. I think WWE are just very inconsistent. They succeed just as much as they screw up. But in terms of storytelling, as of late, it has been really bad.
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  20. As for the second line... I believe that's partly true, and why WWE should partially listen to their fans.

    It's just like the territory days. Remember an interview with an old northern territory who polled the audience about the match they wanted to see most. They then provided said match, and it surprisingly didn't sell all that well. (It would be similar to if you asked an 80's WWE fan before Wrestlemania 3, you'd easily hear "oh, Hulk Hogan vs the Macho Man for the main event!" but that wouldn't draw, so you got Hogan vs Andre instead.

    I think even if the dynamics have changed, the old wrestling fundamentals still would work if they'd stick to them.

    Like if WWE had a devil's advocate for everything they do. Like for example, if when they wrote the script for this, someone could say "Wait, he's coming back after one week? Isn't the reason you do an I Quit angle in the first place to either make people believe he's gone and forget about him (getting you a surprise pop) or even for smart-marks who know it's an "angle" you still make people wonder what's next for him and can bring more interest to the character...

    For example, Bobby Lashley is, in a sense, owed a Universal Championship match right now due to his high-profile Extreme Rules victory over Roman. You can easily build a title defense that way for the Australia show, and with Owens being gone for a little while by that point you can have him run-in and savagely attack Lashley, grab the microphone and yell about how he injured his best friend Sami Zayn.

    Wait until it has stakes, wait until it's juuuuust forgotten enough to make an impact, then BAM.
    This had no impact at all.