Should They Resurrect the Cyber Sunday PPV?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Sep 1, 2014.

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  1. Starting back in 2004, WWE used to run this PPV in October called Taboo Tuesday which later morphed into Cyber Sunday starting in 2006, and the gimmick of the PPV was that every match would have some stipulation surrounding it that would be voted on by members of the WWE universe. Who was gonna challenge the Intercontinental Champion for the title? There would be about five or six options to choose from. Who was gonna get to be the special guest referee for the following world championship match? And you'd have a few different choices. In '06, all three world champions wrestled against one another in the main event, and the voting option was who's world title would be the one on the line. Etc., etc. You get the point.

    I realize they still do these internet polls sparingly on Raw from time to time (like with the Ambrose and Rollins main event a couple of weeks back), but who would love to see it brought back as its own PPV? If they resurrected it in October, that would just be swell because I think most of us feel the HIAC PPV needs to go anyway. (The cell match should only be used on the special occasion that a feud has gotten so personal that it calls for it... although Ambrose and Rollins could probably justify wrestling inside the cell right now.)
  2. I would like that actually. The problem with the Cyber Sunday PPV was that the ratings were bad, and that was because when people bought the PPV, they simply didn't know what matches they would get. With the WWE Network, I don't think ratings are a big problem since I don't think people will quit their membership because of the Cyber Sunday PPV, and it's a good way to get people to download the WWE App. I'd be all for it, with the exception of the constant advertising for the WWE App what they'll do if Cyber Sunday does come back. But again, I like the idea.
  3. I say bring it back
  4. I always assume their shitty polls are rigged, so no thanks.
  5. I actually agree with this statement. But, I'd still like to see it.
  6. I remember the PPVs and it was fun but yeah like DZ said the polls are definitely rigged so meh, it makes little to no difference really.
  7. I figured most of them were, but there's been a couple that have arguably been legit. Lance Storm is one of Jericho's closest friends and he claims Jericho in real life told him that when he lost the IC Championship to Shelton Benjamin in the first-ever match at Taboo Tuesday, the official in the ring told Jericho that it was Shelton he would be losing the championship to just moments before Shelton was announced as his opponent. Jericho also talked in his second book about how Vince didn't want the results of the first PPV fixed. The subsequent two PPVs might be a different story, though.

    I don't really mind if they're fixed or not just as long as they don't make it too obvious which stipulation will end up being chosen (like when they put the Steel Cage Match in there as an option, when everyone and their mother knows there's no way a steel cage is gonna be placed above the ring unless it's gonna end up being used.)
  8. Personally I would like to see WWE cut back to 7-8 PPVs a year. They clearly don't give a damn about at least half of them, the buy rates are dipping, so why bother?

    Early January- Royal Rumble
    March- Elimination Chamber
    Late April- Mania
    May- Extreme Rules
    Early July- MITB
    August- Summerslam
    November- Survivor Series
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  9. With PPVs exclusively on the Network now, I'd be surprised if they didn't at least consider lowering their # of PPVs at some point (of course, that all depends on whether the Network is a long-term success or if they eventually throw in the towel and resort back to standard PPV.) People no longer pay for the individual PPVs anymore, so killing off three or four and spreading out the ones you still have would allow for more prosperous build for each one. This would be my own personal PPV calendar with less PPVs:

    late January - Royal Rumble
    late March/early April - Wrestlemania
    late May/early June - Extreme Rules/Payback/Battleground/whichever
    mid-July - Money In The Bank
    late August - Summerslam
    late November - Survivor Series

    I'd completely dump the Chamber because the Rumble is the "Road to Wrestlemania" and so they should just start directly booking straight into Wrestlemania as soon as the Rumble is over. MITB needs to stay because it's now one of the bigger events they have (although there's always the option of throwing the MITB ladder match onto the Wrestlemania card and making it an exclusive to that event like it used to be) but I would want the first PPV after Mania to be more of your standard PPV card like Battleground Payback or even Extreme Rules (OK, ER isn't the most standard PPV, but whatever.) Summerslam and Survivor Series stay just because they're big events even if the latter doesn't so much feel like it anymore and there's certainly a big enough space in between them.
  10. Probably true on the Rumble being the last PPV before Mania, but I wouldn't want to see the EC PPV scrapped. I think it is a really good concept and definitely has a place in the rotation. Maybe later in the year, like December, before the Rumble. That is generally a really awful time for WWE, so it could spice it up a bit.
  11. Yup, I'd be cool with this. Just remove Battleground and add this... Where every single match would have a different stipulation... These days, a lot of WWE's PPVs seem like an extended episode of RAW.
  12. I wonder if it would just be better and more convenient to book the Elimination Chamber match to headline Survivor Series every year or something. It fits right with the elimination gimmick of the PPV, plus the first-ever chamber match was actually held AT Survivor Series back in 2002.
  13. Yea I had similar thoughts
  14. That's what I was thinking too, Battleground in it's current state never should have existed, so why not try to make it fun? Why not do something like a Cyber Sunday or a King of the Ring style #1 contender's show or an "All Survivor Series matches" or an NXT PPV or... something creative, ya know?

    Should they cut down the number of PPV's? Hmmm... Yes and no. See your idea that it helps the product, but the PPV's are the only reason anyone is ordering the Network (maybe NXT for those who watch) Those who only wanted the classic content had their fill and not a single person is subscribing for shit like WWE Countdown. Can see why they need the monthly PPV to entice people to order the 6 months.

    But the thing is.. nobody's buying the Network at it's current price, and as an "on the fence" potential new subscriber, knowing there's a good chance that one of the next 3 PPV's after NoC (plus Night of Champions itself) will be as lifeless as Battleground was is a big anti-draw for me doing the 6 month thingie. So if you cut down to fewer PPV's and use the time to make them interesting that could work, but that won't happen and we've seen how much that's helped TNA lol
  15. I would love to see this come back and I think it would be ideal to at least allow the WWE Universe to have says in matches again. I remember I used to enjoy watching Taboo Tuesday when it was that and then Cyber Sunday, it was fun to be able to have some kind of involvement in the PPV itself other than just watching.
  16. Yes i would love it to come back ^_^ but i doubt the outcomes are geniune :facepalm1:
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