Should they retire The Undertaker character or simply Mark Calloway?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Dec 15, 2012.

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  1. This is a thought I've had floating around my head for a while, how do you end the career of the phenom, the man who's been buried, burned battered and bruised but always came back for more. The one solution I had was you don't, warning this is where we get into cheesy shitty horror territory. After Taker wrestles his last WM match and is laid out on the mat a beam of light flashes out and Paul Bearer voice is heard saying it's time for him to rest Again, Bearer walks around surrounded by druids holding the urn. He gets in the ring and places onto Takers chest then orders the druids to carry him out. The next night on Raw bearer comes out and Reveals Mark was a vessel for the spirit of the undertaker and now he's resting in the urn once again with the remains of his parents. This allows appearances from Mark as himself without being shackled by the characters restraints.

    Now I know this is very late night straight to tv film but the urn was always seen as a source of power for Taker and hes always been that kind of horror throwback character so I guess it fits.
  2. Mark Calloway.
  3. hahaha creepy
  4. I can't even think about the day Undertaker retires....
    The guy is without a doubt is the GREATEST OF ALL TIME.....

    It will be so emotional :cry: :cry: :cry:

    It will be creepy as hell though if he cries in his farewale speech
  5. That would be a nice idea, but I want him to stay The Undertaker.
    I like introducing the Urn in some way though.
  6. Re: RE: Should they retire The Undertaker character or simply Mark Calloway?

    I suppose you could have bearer awaken the spirit if required so the character could live on when required, as I said it's practically cheese balls but it kind of fits.
  7. Like say if The Undertaker as you said had a Wrestlemania match, won and could not walk on his own.
    Paul Bearer comes out and uses the urn to carry him
    He does a promo the next night saying on how he needs to rest and he's pretty much done.
    Then say for example it's RAW 25th Anniversary and Kane is getting beat down. Paul Bearer comes out with the urn and out comes The Undertaker from it. (Special Appearance purposes only though.)
  8. Jeff hardy returns , opens the urn and ...

  9. That's a really cool idea, but can you really do that after watching "American badass" Taker? I know wrestling has no past but come on. If they had called him mean Mark Calloway during that era, then you're scenario would fit in perfectly. Considering he returned to the "deadman" persona with Paul Bearer and the urn at WM 20. It only makes sense that he gets his deadman powers from the urn.
  10. Re: RE: Should they retire The Undertaker character or simply Mark Calloway?

    That's why I wanted the spirit to return to the urn, say that it needed to rest and the ABA was Mark using the name not the actual Undertaker so he needed the Urn to return the spirit to him to become the dead man again.
  11. I don't think they'd be smart enough to explain it like we just did. :smug:
  12. As awesome as your scenario would be, there is no competitor in mind that can pull of the undertaker character, it's not happening. I think what WWE is doing is making him more "mortal" and we caught a glimpse of that at 28. The way they present taker now is that he's not so immortal anymore, so I could see him just retiring the character when he leaves, as it should be. Worst case scenario, they give it to some idiot like Mason Ryan.
  13. I don't think either of us mean for another guy to get the gimmick. We mean that the Undertaker character is immortal and Mark Calloway was a guy who utilized it. I don't think they'd be dumb enough to let anyone else try the gimmick. It isn't Diesel or Razor, and we all how how shitty the Glen Jacobs fake Taker was.
  14. They will use both. Bet on that.
  15. I don't think I'd separate Callaway from the Undertaker. I'd find a way to retire him as one thing.
  16. What about the American Badass :sad:
  17. I imagine a scenario similar to that one. Undertaker either wins or loses his last match at Wrestlemania, and then the next night, they do some sort of special effects shit (kinda like Royal Rumble 1994) that symbolizes Undertaker finally 'resting in peace' for good. Maybe he disappears into the air or he gets put in a casket and carried out or something imaginative along those lines. This would work better if he lost the streak considering it'd be the ultimate end for Taker, but I don't see that happening. Either way, once Taker retires this way, I don't think he should ever appear on WWE TV again (except for his eventual HOF induction), just to keep it up with the whole mystique of the Taker character.
  18. this thread is fucking retarded lol
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