Should this place be wrestling themed?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by WarMachine, Feb 18, 2014.

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  1. My family now owns what used to be Stick and Stein Sports Bar and right now, renovations are being made. It's opening in the beginning of June and I'm wondering, should this be pro wrestling themed? There is no wrestling themed place around here to watch Raw, Impact, PPVs, etc. around here. So I'm wondering, should this be wrestling themed? I'm thinking yes. You can see the listing here.

    Pretty big place and is good for when it's expected to get really busy. If Victoria can pull this off, I think we can as well. Hell, it could be WWEF night if you guys came in.
  2. Before you get on us about that, we definitely know a little something about owning a restaurant. While we never have, some relatives have and they'll back us up.
  3. I personally don't think it should be.

    Being wrestling themed could put some people off who don't like Wrestling, entering a niche market is risky and this might be too big of a risk. A sports bar would be a better option, you could have WWE nights though for PPV's.
  4. Depends on if the people living there like wrestling or not.
  5. Yeah, not the best idea to have it revolve around wrestling as that could end up turning some people off. Nice looking restaurant, though.
  6. The wrestling audience is a pretty niche audience unfortunately. I would love to go to a place like that, that way I never have to host RAW or PPV's at my house ever again lol

    If you went the route of a MMA/Wrestling theme, you could get away with showing wrestling. A lot of MMA fans are closet wrestling fans anyway, so they'll come if MMA is on the sign.
  7. I guess I'll take you guys' advice and do sports and then put MMA. That way, people will come in for everything. I mean in the Attitude Era or a little bit after that, something like this would have worked great but now with what we have currently with wrestling, it wouldn't be a good idea
  8. If you do it sports themed you can sneak in wrestling without a problem. Old wrestling posters and such.
  9. Exactly.

    Advertise for all sports but have certain wrestling nights. Raw, PPVs, etc.
  10. I would have a WWE section, not the whole place. Get the WWE network in the place and you'll be all set, lol.
  11. Although I would mark my ass off for a place that had dinner tables that were like the announcer's tables on RAW. TV's in em for watching the 'E while you eat and everything man. That would be suh-weet.
  12. If you're opening up in June than a good idea would be set up a fantasy football league at the bar, change an entry fee but have a good prize for the winner.

    Have multiple TV's at the bar showing different NFL games so people will come and watch the games to see how they are doing.
  13. You want to attract many different people. Go with making it a sports in general themed place. This way, non-wrestling fans will feel welcomed and vice versa. Not many single sport bars/restaurants do well. Mix it up in decor, adding a little of everything. Do local teams first, then add in MMA, Boxing, Wrestling, ect word of mouth with bring wrestling fans in.
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  14. The place has two separate rooms for the bar and the dining room, so I can probably do that. I'll do the Fantasy Football thing at Sose's suggestion. I need to come up with a fee for that and definitely a good prize for the winner. Will probably do the same for wrestling for every PPV. There's room for at least 100 TVs here and will definitely be getting the WWE Network
  15. If you get multiple T.Vs, try having different sections. Football section, Baseball section, Wrestling section, and so on.
  16. That's what I'm gonna do
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  17. I'm glad I could give you the idea.:letroll:
  18. Catch up Dazzle jeez :dawg:
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  19. [​IMG]

    Also, make it as creative as possible.
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  20. It really depends on how many people we can get into this place and what the majority of people are coming in for
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