Should TNA bring back the Suicide character?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Mar 22, 2013.

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    Suicide was before my time watching TNA (or watching wrestling at all for that matter), but from what I can gather from Youtube and Wiki he was a pretty popular character who was over with the crowd and worked well as a part of TNA, didn't matter who was behind the mask. With Impact on the road and building new stars one could argue that bringing in a masked character working a high flying style would work very well. He could sell merch, masks and such and kids would be drawn to the semi superhero character.

    It would also be a good way to get a new high flyer into the company. It doesn't need to be Kazarian or Daniels behind the mask but an entirely new guy.

    I would bring him back actually. Maybe redesign his look, keep the mask but drop the one piece.

    Would you bring back Suicide?

    How would you book him?
  2. I wouldn't personally. Never liked characters under a mask who never speak (except La Parka). TNA doesn't require masked luchadors/high flyers. They have the X-Division for the acrobatic wrestlers. If they bring in a new guy I'd prefer him to have a unique character that suits his personality.
  3. bring back Amazing Red instead and have him win the X Division belt
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  4. Suicide? No. That ship has sailed. He awesome once, but please no.

    Another masked character though? :yes::yes::yes:

    TNA needs someone masked ASAP, IMO. Rubix (Jigsaw) is the perfect dude to pull it off.
  5. TNA really could have done with Generico, and they would have used him so much better than WWE probably.
  6. I just saw he's called Sammy Sane in NXT.:facepalm1:

    At least in TNA he'd still be El Generico.

    Nope, not even costing the most historical streak in wrestling makes Sammy Sane sound good.
  8. Rubix hopefully would come in, the guy is madly marketable.
  9. so seabs and I are the only people okay with Sammy Sane? Who'da thunk it.
  10. Shocker.
  11. Sammy is a terrible name no matter what you follow it with. Sammy Cockcrusher wouldn't interest me either. Sammy.....:eww:
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  12. I've just given up investing so much time in a name, he's good enough to make it through whatever they put on him so don't see the point in complaining about it aimlessly, especially when he isn't even on any show yet.
  13. El Generico was so much better though? The performer will make the name worth while, look at Claudio Castongoli or Kassihus Ohno (possibly if he pulls his finger out of his arse). He could be called Senhor Fuckface and he'd be awesome.
  14. :LOL1: seriously though, El Generico: his name explained his whole gimmick. Claudio's name screamed Euro trash which was his gimmick, still hate KO's name.
  15. Claudio wasn't a ring name though. He legit is named Claudio Castagnoli.
  16. Yep he was Generic, what's much more generic than Sammy Sane lol? It's so typical WWE shit it kind of works, I'd be down for Sammy Same to make the homage a bit more obvious but yeah he'll be a dope midcard act either way.
  17. Exactly, he didn't have to change his real name to complement his gimmick. If his real name was John Smith, you can bet your ass he'd change it to something more European-y.
  18. Only smarks would get the reference though. To everyone else he's just a red headed guy with a stupid name.
  19. About the Sammy Sane stuff, it is basically the WWE trying to own the wrestlers, and have a creative control over their character.
  20. The same can be said for the generico name lol, anyway who knows him as Generico will mark for him as it's impossible not to, anyone else won't care.
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