Should TNA get more managers?

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  1. Should TNA put more managers on the superstars?
  2. What kind of question is that? Seriously.
    A manager is for someone who isn't well in mic skills.
  3. A logical one, do you think there are a few guys who need the support for promos? Also don't you think managers can serve other purposes, such as Flair and HHH or Heyman and Punk?
  4. A manager can help guys who don't have that good mic skills like Seabs said. He also pointed at the fact that a manager can also help a wrestler get over more easily and also teach the guy about the business. Look at what HHH and Flair did for Orton and Batista with Evolution, or Heyman with Lesnar in his original run. Another prime example is Vickie helping Dolph. Dolph would have had a much harder time in my opinion getting heel heat without Vickie.
  5. I suppose it could be good. You could have Mancini managing lads from the Jersey Shore ( A little bit of flamboyancy) You could have Sir Alex managing Magnus. Seem's like a good proposal you made. I'm all for managers in TNA.
  6. Bloody likes don't work so class this as a +1.
  7. Gunner could use a manager now that Flair is gone.

    Christian York too.
  8. That is true that if you had men like Flair to be a manager, that would get the wrestler over and noticed a bit.(If they have weak mic skills) But the thing is, if you have good mic skill and you still get a manager, the focus would be off the main star a bit.

    Also I'm just saying it cause I'm tired of True Warrior's similarity threads.

    No offense True Warrior. Just be more creative in creating an interesting topic.
  9. Managers yes, but they need more MASKED wrestlers for merch sales and kids buying their stuff. They dropped the ball with it with dropping the Suicide gimmick, and releasing the Amazing Red. #WeWantMasks
  10. Wasn't red under a mask as Sangareti or some shit lol? Anyway I agree they should have more luchas for the kiddies, what's Jigsaw doing currently?
  11. And didn't they sign TJ Perkins? Bring on his Puma character.
  12. Yeah, he was Sangriento. Even had two matches vs. Suicide back in 2011.

    Jigsaw is in CHIKARA and sometimes in EVOLVE/DGUSA.

    TJ Perkins (Puma)... Don't know the situation with him. Put on hold, I guess.
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