Should TNA Go Back To The iMPACT! Zone?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Roadster, Feb 8, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]

    The Pic above is a shot Kevin Nash tweeted out months ago, and i found it while i was watching some TNA matches online.

    TNA seems to have problems selling out arenas, thus why they have more frequently booking shows in expo's instead of actual arenas (from rumors i saw, please verify if you find the actual proof)

    TNA was known as the place big names liked due to the less rigors schedule, TNA made house show stops in the east coast, and west coast (Memphis)

    So should TNA go back to Universal or go back to Memphis? OR...should they keep booking shows on arenas?

    To Me TNA seems to be biting off more than they can chew, they're ratings aren't as high as in the past which seemed to be a perfect time to start traveling.

    TNA is still young so the travel seems unnecessary to me.
  2. Aren't they going back there anyway?
  3. Oh my god Taz, what's TNA doing in the Impact Zone?!
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  4. So glad that there is a "I don't care" option
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  5. That's what i heard, but not Universal WWE is starting to operate affairs there and a rumored HOF building, i would mark if they went back to the asylum

    Monday Night War II
    Traveling Schedule

  6. i posted this just because that pic needs to be seen
  7. This thread is like 6 months late bro. TNA is already back in the Unversal Studios, dude. Since November 2013.

    They do TV tapings there, and also do occassional 'on-the-road' TV tapings (like Hunstville, UK Tour...). And NO, they should NOT stop traveling for fucks sake. It's bad for everyone. Go on the road sometimes, like they are doing now, with having a homebase in Orlando.
  8. I know that they have gone but they still travel and do tapings in expos in Memphis and the east coast and can not fill up the arenas, they usually dock in those cities and they go on a cycle of the same arenas over a weeks time and they lose money.

    If TNA only went to their homebase and traveled Florida and went to their operating city of Memphis then they could get cash rolling since they are more known in places they always do their shows, the money rises, and they can slowly but surely get out of their mmud hole if they didn't go on their stupid business adventures for the fuck of it, they could have been earning money rather than destroy themselves with this.

    Overall i posted this so people could see that pic
  9. We've all seen plenty of TNA empty arena pics dude
  10. Well......So you've proven this thread no use......... :gtfo:

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  11. fair enough :burns:

    I just think we all are aware of the recent troubles TNA has gone through with small crowds and losing some talents, but I get tired of seeing it being the only thing discussed in this section, ya know? I'll read BLFFL's blog if I want to hear about how much TNA sucks
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  12. TNA will continue to travel and do house shows no matter what, they mostly make money off of it, bro. The problem is WHERE they do them. They do them in middle of nowhere, they draw poor crowds and pics like that happen. On the other hand, they go in bigger towns like Long Island or Boston for house show and they do good numbers, usually in 1000-1500+ range, which is good number for TNA and means $.

    Also, doing tours is good for talent morale. If you're only doing shows in one town and/or state, it's simply choking your talent, so to speak.

    Point is: TNA should do more house shows and occassional TV tapings in big ass towns and they will draw some kind of money, it's proven. Going in middle of Alabama or Georgia for house shows with already weak advertising department, though, brought TNA probably zero money and they should stop going there forever.
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  13. Couldn't have said it better bro
  14. Before, TNA was using Soundstage 21 in Universal Studios.

    Now, they're using Soundstage 19 in Universal Studios.

    TNa has a homebase. It's that simple.
  15. The UK fans always lap it up as well.
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