Should Undertaker Retire????

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Mzkpunk, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. Yes Please

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  2. The Undertaker Retiring Haha Yeah right!!

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  3. No way

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  1. I think that the undertaker's time in the WWE is coming to an end as he is getting old and appears in very rare occasions in the WWE so what do you guys think???
  2. Yes. Let him go over Cena. He should have ended the streak 20-0. 22 is going to be odd
  3. He is fine doing what he is doing for the time being. His clock is definitely ticking, but he has at LEAST one more Mania in him.
  4. If he can still go at Wrestlemania and remains injury-free, or at least healthy, then his Wrestlemania matches can still remain. They add a lot to PPV's.
  5. He should at least have one more Mania match, with him going over Cena as his last victim. I can't see him having more than two more Wrestlemanias honestly, even though he stated that he wants to face Brock Lesnar at the event at some point, but Lesnar is looking to be occupied with The Rock next year. No way can he make it to 25-0, he's getting old and his injuries are catching up to him. He couldn't even wrestle Ambrose this year without getting injured.
  6. He will have one more match at WrestleMania. I think he will retire when he has a 25-0 streak.
  7. If he can go for a bit longer, why not let him there? He wrestles once a year and the matches are always great. Won't complain about guys not retiring anymore.
  8. One more Mania, to go over another person and he should call it quits and live the rest of his life. Gotta be tiring.
  9. I think let him do his one match a year as long as he is healthy enough for it.
  10. Yup, bout that time.
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