Should Undertaker return next year, or at all?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Red Rain, Jul 4, 2014.

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  1. Instead of being Captain Obvious, I'm suggesting Undertaker, at least, take next year off.
    At best, he could tag with Kane. I see no incentive to return otherwise.
    He's been beat up and facing Lesnar did not do him any favors
    WrestleMania 31 should be full of new and interesting talent as WM 30 made that more than obvious.
    Undertaker can always pull through pain once a year, but should he even bother next year? Or at all?

    To be honest, his loss frees him up to work Survivor Series at least one more time. Thoughts?
  2. The Mania feud and match this year were both terrible IMO. If that is what we can expect from Taker moving forward I would rather he move on.
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  3. The phrase 'going through the motions' and 'phoning it in' have definitely applied the past two years running.
    I'm not sure he has anything left to say. As Mark Henry put it, 'I got plenty left in the tank.' Taker is running on fumes
    It's similar to The Rock leaving, in a sense. What more is there left to do? He could work with Wyatt, but why anytime soon?
    I'd love a shoot/MMA bout between he and Nash, but we all know how that would turn out.
  4. Nash via gogoplata
  5. I really see no point in him returning at this point. I heard this year's match sucked because Brock concussed him one move in, but yeah, from a creative standpoint I don't see why he should wrestle again.
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  6. No, I think he should just stop now. It's just getting old.
  7. Only would make sense to fight brock again. If not, why bother.
  8. He should come back as Big Evil and be like "boy I'm gonna whoop your ass" and drop the deadman shit
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  9. The guy was clearly done in that match with Lesnar, don't bother bringing him back.
  10. Yeah, he definitely shouldn't wrestle next year at the very least.
    If Wyatt could beat him in a 'Buried Alive' match at some point within the next two years, I'd roll with that.
  11. I'd say Kane/Taker have one solid Tag match in them, gives Taker a chance to rest for some brief moments. Other than that I really can't see him doing much other then "managing"
  12. I figured he was already 'retired.' Taker has always struck me as being similar to Austin in that he doesn't want a big hoopla to be made about his retirement. Stone Cold, for as big of a star as he was in WWE (they promote him as their biggest money-making superstar ever, and he spearheaded the most popular era in the company's history) didn't have some big moment centered around him once his time was done. It's kind of surprising looking back on it considering the huge send-offs that Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair got, but once Austin was given doctor's orders to never wrestle again, he competed once last time against The Rock at Wrestlemania XIX in 2003, put him over cleanly, and then wrapped up his in-ring career just like that. At Austin's own request, they didn't promote it as his retirement match as it was always his preference to bow out quietly. Figured Taker might have had the same mentality. He and Austin are both "old-school" and come from the same era, after all.

    With the Streak dead, it's best that Taker never compete at Wrestlemania ever again imo. They should leave his legacy at the event as the Streak. If he wrestles one last time, I'd prefer he did so at Survivor Series so that his WWE career can end at the same place that it began, but again, it's probably better that he just hang up the boots for good.
  13. Don't see how they could market a Taker match now without The Streak. Fuck that TNA jobber Sting before anyone mentions him too.
  14. The dude's a freaking legend and a future Hall of Famer. He's done it all. He should hang it up.
  15. He should have retired a few years ago.
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  16. after the second HBK match
  17. That would have been pretty anti-climatic.
  18. After "the end of an era " match for sure.
  19. and the Brock shit wasn't? He added nothing to the streak after HBK. two shitty builds/matches with HHH, one with punk and then Brock. all of the feuds were shit and the matches underwhelming at best.
  20. Nah, unless he's going to tag with Kane or fight Sting. But yeah, I wanted for Punk to end the streak but that didn't happen so I don't really want for him to come back and possibly have a bad match which would only be bad for him. Just end it now, he's 21-1 at WrestleMania which is just unBOlievable.
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