Should we add "WWF Classics" section?

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Dec 25, 2011.

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  1. I read a feedback post on another forum recently (Solidus, well known webmaster), and he pointed out to me there's no clear place to talk about the history of WWE, especially the WWF/Attitude Era. It's no doubt the most popular era, it'll definitely encourage lots of discussion, debate & fantasies there and more importantly I'm sure most of you will enjoy it.

    However, there is already a section where you can discuss all this (General WWE section), and I'm personally a big fan of limiting the amount of sections as much as I can really until we have to add another due to the amount of discussion on that topic. So as you can see I'm completely torn, and when I'm completely torn I tend to fall back on my members to see what they want. So it's up to you, I've added a poll. Please vote, then reply with what you voted and why, and perhaps suggest another idea around this subject.

    It could be fixed perhaps with a simple rename of the "General WWE" section, if you think so; reply and tell me what we could change it too. It's all down to whether you want a specific section where you can indefinitely talk about the history of the WWE/WWF.

  2. Absolutely.
    The fan base was much larger back then, and I guarantee there are many others like myself who are able to only discuss that era.
    There aren't many sections right now, one more will do no harm.
    I suggest you split it up into WWE and WWF (maybe call it Attitude Era to be safe). Maybe specify what years the attitude era was too to avoid wrongly placed threads.

    OT suggestion:
    A section for only videos. Great for those wanting to watch some matches. You could require that users post a [TNA], [WWE] or [WWF] prefix with the superstars involved and event as the title. Easy browsing.
  3. voted no if people wanted to discuss the past can't they go in the old superstars / ppv section?
  4. Problem with calling it Attitude Era is that it will limit it predominantly down to AE discussion. What if people want to talk about before that era? Once again it'll be difficult and people would cry out for a section about that. I think "WWF Classics" is a safe section name, it covers all of the past and we can always add in prefixes for Attitude Era and era's before that (Ruthless Agression era I think one was called).

    In reply to the OT suggestion: Dunno if that would need its own section, once again we could just use prefixes to add "Video" for example in all wrestling sections. In "Other Wrestling" I'll add TNA, RoH, NJPW prefixes too. God, I love prefixes.

    That section will limit discussion to one particular superstar, or a PPV. What if someone wanted to talk about The Rock vs Stone Cold feud in whole for example? Or any other of the classic AE discussions. Currently the only place is "General WWE", but I do believe that is not specific enough. Moving more towards adding this section, still want some more feedback.
  5. Yes, it will also attract more members is the section is active :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. Won't it be better to rename the past ppv / superstar discussion to wwe history / past superstars ? I mean that section doesn't have a lot of activity so far so rather then having two sections just have one section for all the history ? Then if there is alot of activity add in sub sections such as ae? Even add in some prefixes for them ?
  7. That would mean adding sub-sections to a sub-section. That's the bad thing. Also, it's hidden away. I always find sub forums are less active, because some people just don't notice them. I'm guilty of that myself. I could just rename it "Old PPV discussion", but its main purpose would be to move the older discussion threads (for example our TLC discussion thread would go there).

    More I talk about it the more I think it would probably be better to add a WWE Classics section, whether we call it WWF or not is to be seen. WWE would mean we could most more recent history in there, like 04-09 events that you thought were pretty outstanding. Might amaze a few of the older fans.

    Keep discussing it though, want all members to be on board with this :emoji_slight_smile:.
  8. Don't use WWF, it's copyrighted.
  9. So is WWE. But will most likely not use WWF anyway. What's your opinion on the potential section though?
  10. I believe the attitude era, as one of the best times of WWE, deserves its own section.
  11. How much discussion would there be though? The quality of the era is no relevant point as to whether it's worth a section or even will have much interest.
  12. Well it won't be solely on AE that's the point. Generally, the history of the WWE creates lots of discussions, as you can talk about whatever. You can re-live an event and discuss how good/bad it was. You can discuss how differently you would of booked one event. A section like "WWE Classics" or "WWE History" could be good, with prefixes for Attitude Era, Ruthless Agression Era, etc.
  13. I like it, good idea :emoji_wink:
  14. I was originally skeptical but from your responses Crayo I'm starting to think this is a really good idea. Especially the prefixes idea. Would it be possible to filter threads to a certain prefix eg AE if I wanted to just view threads regarding that subject?
  15. Not sure if it is possible, but that's a good idea for a feature perhaps in the future if it's not. I'll look around for a bit to see for sure whether it's do-able.

    Now you're on board, what potential section names then?

    WWE Classics
    WWE History
    Attitude Era (limited though)
  16. The second time we tried to get this forum up, Crayo suggested a feature where people can add tags to the video's they embed in posts, and then every video uploaded will be accessible via a separate page.

    As a side-feature, the pages could also have a commenting system. Then those comments will be linked back to the embedded video and can be viewed from inside the thread via "Video comments" button.

    I may start work on that again.
  17. Shitty idea, I know, but what about 'Chosen by WWEF'

    A place where people can't make threads, only reply, and every 2-3 days a Staff member makes a poll with 2-3 PPVs/matches/shows etc. and we vote on whether it should go into that forum.

    If you need more explanation just say so.
  18. That's a possible idea for when we get larger. Wouldn't work at the moment being so new.
  19. Going to bump this for one last day to get last minute opinions. At this minute, I'll be adding it later tonight.
  20. I voted yes, sounds like a good addition to make.