Should we be excited or not?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, May 30, 2012.

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  1. Right, many many many members of the IWC are excited for when Vince finally passes the torch because of his outdated beliefs, disassociation from society and reportedly rejecting any decent pitch creative has (very rare) and has the final word. He's the out of date dictator of WWE, and many agree the current product is - well - not as good as it was or can be.

    Now, when Vince does pass the torch, it gets passed down to Paul Levesque, otherwise known as HHH (Triple H). Now, what evidence is there to believe that Triple H is any more in touch with the fans as Vince is? I remember an interview a lot of months back where the "Ryder Revolution" was at its peak. Zack Ryder was insanely over and people were demanding him to get on TV. An interviewer asked him "When are you going to put Zack Ryder on TV?" and I think HHH's answer was something like "Who wants him to?" or "When the fans want it?", in which the reporter replied saying there are a lot of people online who wanted him on TV, and HHH simply said "What, you, and a couple more?".

    This annoyed many people. Because on that same day, CM Punk, John Cena and I think Kingston ALL said that Ryder should be on TV and they were behind the ever so popular Ryder revolution. Months after this they put Ryder on TV and he gets in the top 6 at selling merch with the likes of Cena, Rock, Austin, Orton etc.

    He seems very out of touch with the social network thing and interacting with fans of the product. Say what you want about Dixie Carter but she's very much in touch with TNA fans, she just (in my opinion) has idiots around her. But this is WWE. So what is there to look forward to? Triple H himself is aligned with the head of creative Stephanie McMahon who is also incredibly distant from the WWE fans. What is going to change? No, this isn't a thread trying to make you less excited or hate on HHH, because there is still more positives out there.

    For example, Triple H was a wrestler, he was a big time wrestler and a big star. Not as big as he thinks he was but still, he was a big star. So he understands what it takes to be a youth wrestler, a wrestler who hasn't broke into the market yet and maybe how to push them into the market. Who knows? He brought in the likes of Sin Cara and Kharma and seemed to have bad luck with Cara botching and Kharma getting pregnant. But they were positive moves.

    Let's discuss.
  2. So we all agree. Rock should replace Triple H. :obama::rock:
  3. I guess the simple possibility of changes should make us excited, not a lot. I don't think a whole lot will change, maybe a few things here or there, but even though HHH and Vince are both out of touch, HHH is still sane, I believe. He's not going to don't thinking about pushing someone because they don't eat steak, for example. Maybe he won't do as many script changes as Vince does. I think a few things will change, but not many. Should we be excited? Yes, because it's going to be a change in ownership and I could be wrong, more things could change.
  4. [video=youtube][/video]

    Skip to 8:27 for the exchange Crayo was referring to

    I'm excited. Get Vince the fuck out.
  5. Appreciate you posting that. I wasn't too far off :emoji_slight_smile:.
  6. Vince does need to go but I'm not convinced Hunter will be good enough, better then Vince? Extremely probable, but to give me a show I'll enjoy regularly? Probably not.
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  7. He said they have a lot of young guys and that he's hoping guys like ryder are the future.
  8. Crayo, you'd like Hulk Hogan taking over more than I'd like Triple H running the show.

    Well, with Triple H in charge, we know what we're getting. Someone with a enormous ego who loves having his buddies around, and will bend over backwards to keep Stephanie in charge of Creative... Oh hell no. His beliefs may be outdated as well, knowing the way he was booked and how over he was he may agree that the wrestling business is best when you overpush a small number of guys and constantly bury all the rest (just like they are doing now). He brought in well-known superstars in Sin Cara and Kharma, but he also said there was no place in the wrestling business for a guy like Evan Bourne. Get out of here with that shit.

    Triple H isn't as old and senile as Vince, but he's taken so many chair shots that the difference can't be too far off.
  9. This is pretty much my verdict. It'd probably improve the show but not enough.

    Before that. That was standard reply for someone in his position. Him saying Ryder had 4 followers when at the time he was more over than the roster is him being out of touch, IE, Vince McMahon.
  10. I don't think we'll see much change. Why isn't Shane taking over? Is he involved at all these days?
  11. He quit to do his own thing. He is CEO of China Broadband (the major cable broadband provider in china)
  12. Shane O'Mac knew that Vinnie Mac wasn't going anywhere for a long while so he said fuck it and started doing his own thing.
  13. Shane McMahon was certainly our best hope, in my opinion, but he's left the wrestling business entirely. A lot of people say that Triple H often helps filter out a lot of Vince's weirder ideas, so who knows, I think I would welcome the change. It helps to remember that Vince is basically an old man now, it's not surprising that after running the same company non-stop for 30 years, he would be somewhat burnt out.
  14. Because Shane Mcmahon is their kayfabe son. :dawg::burns:
  15. Shane is Vince real son :facepalm1:
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