Should we try and get TNA to pay for Zema's treatment?

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  1. This idea will inevitably end up failing, but it's worth a go. I say we try get as many folk as we can from here, and any other wrestling fans you know of, to start tweeting Dixie/Hogan telling them what they need to be doing. I get that the TNA fans here are hardly going to be able to make a massive impact (see what I did there?), but if we explain to non-TNA watchers what's happening then we can get them to join in as well.

    As I say, I'm not expecting great things and perhaps I'm being a touch idealistic, but if we could all sort of tweet at them/contact them in some way then we might at least force a response from someone. Because money problems or not it's still disgusting from TNA's part (and IMO, the higher paid wrestler's part).

    Anyone think this is at all worthwhile? his donation page by the way, 1/5 of the way towards his target.
  2. As someone who only occassionly watches TNA what happened?
  3. Not seen much of Ion but im done to try this, I cant not feel bad for this guy.
  4. He got his apendix out and they found a possibly cancerous tumour that needs removed, TNA wont pay for it.
  5. Zema Ion (former X DIvision champion) needs $30k to have a tumor (not believed to be cancerous at this time IIRC) removed and TNA won't foot the bill
  6. Well that sucks big time. Cant believe it thats harsh.
  7. You would think they would try and help him because from what ive seen he is pretty awesome in ring. He must be pretty pissed at TNA and worried as fuck, It wouldnt surprise me if he left the company over this.
  8. They are definitely making asses of themselves.
  9. Guys I have a question. How come he doesn't have that money? I am not good at wrestling financials. I don't know even a thing (You can remember from Spike TV and TNA signs 5 year deal).
  10. He isnt working right now so im not sure on his pay with that and I dont think he is being paid enough to afford it.
  11. I think it would be a great idea to try to get the money for Zema Ion. TNA should pay this...
  12. There are guy with better info to answer. But i would assume he makes that just in a year maybe slightly more. But once his house, car, bills, food, travel expenses etc... come off it dont leave a lot of savings puts him maybe waiting 3 years saving 10 a year to have the operation. Suppose that isnt ideal.
  13. Yeah but this guy has been in TNA like two years and I think he could have save that money.

    Yeah probably. He is young and he wants to live great. So he didn't save any money just like for these. Can't blame him but wish he had saved some.
    Also TNA (I know, DolphsZiggler won't like me shitting on TNA once again) is a huge asshole for not helping this guy.

  14. I hate TNA the company. Just enjoy their product. But they are run by fucking morons.

    Also, you are completely overestimating what TNA pays lower card guys like Ion (and yea I know he was X Division champ, but he still rarely appeared when he was). He is paid on a per appearance basis, and I wouldn't even want to speculate on how much that fluctuates between depending on if it were a house show, tv show, ppv, ect. BUt not much.

    No way could he be expected to have just saved up 30k. not even close. he is probably just getting by with what he makes, not focused on saving.
  15. I'm up for it, tweeted Dixie before, willing to do it some more until she bans me.
  16. I'd like to tweet that ****, but it'd make no sense since they just released 5 wrestlers. That means - they are not paying 30k for Zema.
  17. I doubt any other business/industry would pay for a personal illness like this, I can't imagine he was on pennies at TNA.

    Money could be raised for a better cause IMO, not being harsh but it's not like he got a broken leg whilst wrestling.

    I wouldn't wish cancer on anyone and it's a serious illness for him, but there are millions of people all over the world in the same situation.

    (Wait's to get flamed).
  18. I get it, no reason to flame you.

    It's just that Hogan gets payed 35k per one appearance, and Zema's entire bill is 30k. I rest my case.
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  19. It's not the best case you've rested.

    Zema signed the contract for the $30k wages, what Hogan get's paid isn't anything to do with what Zema get's paid or what Zema should or shouldn't be entitled to, Hulk Hogan has 30odd years+ of wrestling behind him, was and probably still is a massive draw for people going to watch TNA, where as to a non TNA fan I have no idea who Zema is, nor have I ever heard of him.

    They pay Hogan that much because of the money they can make from tickets, and associating their business with a name like Hogan.
  20. WWE send all their ex-wrestlers with self-made issues like alcoholism and drug-addiction to rehab. They pay for it all. They don't even tell the world about it for the good PR, it's just good ethics. TNA won't spend a measly $30,000 - which is measly in this business - for one of their performers who works their ass off to see if he has cancer... They could work an angle where Hogan misses one fucking show, and the bill is paid for.

    Hogan really isn't a draw any more. Ask any TNA fan, 30k for one appearance is not worth it, and I'm guessing almost all would rather see the back of Hogan. Whether people know him or not shouldn't impact whether people help him. He should be in a company where he feels supported. No wonder almost all wrestlers want to work with WWE, and many seemingly laugh at TNA. It must be horrible.
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