Should WWE add a new belt?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Green Jesus, Jun 15, 2014.

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  1. Instead of Separating the titles again and having to pretend the WHC is as important as the WWE championship, they could just add another title that is above the current mid-card titles, but below the main title. I'm not sure if there is a extinct title that fits the profile, but if there isn't they could do the following.

    Unify the IC title and the US title and make it a upper-midcard title. Then introduce a mid-card title like the Cruiserweight title or even the European title. That would make sure the WWE has a neat, defined hierarchy without separating titles in brands(which wouldn't make sense right now) or keeping too little titles for the current size of the roster

    What do you guys think of this? Would it work, is it going to happen? Or is there somenthing wrong with what I just said.

    Ps: I actually replied exactly this at another thread, but then I changed my mind and thought this may be thread worthy just for the discussion generated by it, sorry if you don't agree.
  2. I feel that the five championships that we currently have is already the perfect balance for a one-roster show. You have one title for main eventers (WWE World Heavyweight Championship), two for upper-midcarders/midcarders (Intercontinental and United States Championships), one for Tag Teams (Tag Team Championship), and one for the Divas (Divas Championship.) I don't see why we need any more than that. If the brand extension was still in effect, I'd agree with adding one extra championship so that it could be evenly split with three titles on each show, but the brand split isn't in effect, so I don't.

    The European Title isn't any more prestigious than the United States Title (nor does it carry the same history as it) and is certainly less meaningful than the IC strap, so bringing it back would make no sense.

    And the last we saw of the Cruiserweight Championship, it was clear that WWE doesn't give a shit about it. They buried the fuck out of it back in the day before vanquishing it, what with putting it on a woman (Jacqueline), a senior citizen (Chavo Guerrero, Sr.), and a midget (Hornswoggle.) I know they 'buried' the European Title as well by having Shane McMahon throw it in a trashcan before resurrecting it and keeping it around for another three years until eventually unifying it in a esteemed manner, but still. I really don't get the incentive to see a Cruiserweight division brought back, personally. If you have a large enough influx of cruiserweights on your roster, you can still book them in matches with other cruiserweights to excite and electrify the crowd, but you can also book them against non-cruiserweights for the other midcard championships or in non-championship feuds, or pair them up with someone (cruiserweight or no) to go after the tag team titles without keeping them restrained to just one specific division.

    And I know you didn't mention the Hardcore Championship, but in case someone does... no. Just no.
  3. Scrap the US title and split the world titles to bring back the Big Gold Belt.

    At this point, after a decade of booking it as a piece of shit, the InterContinental title will never be seen as a strong, prestigious 2nd championship in the WWE. No one cares about it - could you imagine Ziggler getting that Post-WM RAW pop for winning the IC title? For many younger fans like myself, the World Heavyweight title is just as important as the WWE title. I couldn't care less that having two world title reduces their worth slightly. Also, who's going to be trusted with the unified WWEWHC? If it's passed around the top main-eventers, like Bryan, Orton and Cena, for years then the product will be stale as shit. You could have Wyatt, Ambrose, Rollins, Reigns, Cesaro, Barrett, etc, all feuding for the WHC right now instead, but only Reigns and possibly Cesaro are definite future WWEWH champions.

    Cruiserweight title? Would be something for Bryan to challenge for on his return.
  4. i would like to see a champions belt, the champions champion would be the best of the champions.
  5. No.

    They should book the three titles they have now properly.

    If they wanted to add a Cruiserweight Division again and resurrect the Cruiserweight Title, that would be fine, but that would be a "specialty title", like the Divas or Tag Team Championships. Simply having and booking the current titles is the better idea.

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