Should WWE bring back the Brawl-For-All Concept?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. (This is probably the dumbest thing I've ever posted, but hear me out)

    In the US if you tell anyone that you're a pro wrestling fan, the first thing anyone will say is lolfakefighting. So to bring in some of the MMA crowd and show them what WWE is all about, would it be a good idea to bring in an MMA-style tournament similar to the Brawl for All? Obviously you'd have to fix some of the problems (marketing it as legit MMA, possibly using legit MMA fighters instead of injuring your actual talents)

    Do you think WWE could bring something like this back? If so, how would you change it to actually make it work this time around?
  2. Rework it. Make it a styles tournament. Have luchadors wrestle guys like Henry, hardcore vs strikers. Mix it in with the MMA elements and make it a tournament to crown who has the best style of fighting.

    Evolve does the Styles tournament once a year which works well. They crown the king of styles.
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  3. I personally do not like tournaments at all because more often than not they're just matches without any type of build or story surrounding the matches. I also don't feel the need for WWE to use MMA fighter, if I wanted to watch MMA I would be watching UFC. I don't think that's what WWE is about or should ever be. Also using talent from MMA isn't always guaranteed to be successful. The fighting aspect would be straight, but where's the charisma that's needed. I just don't see it working and it just being undeveloped if it was ever done.
  4. Absolutely not. The first time around was a flop because no one cared about seeing a boxing tournament on a wrestling show, not to mention no one believed it was real anyway (which it was) since everyone knew the rest of the show was fixed. There's also a lot of fans who don't watch boxing or MMA who would tune out completely when this was on.
  5. You didn't like the KOTR tournaments? Some of the best matches I've ever seen were KOTR matches.
  6. Of course i did but the tournaments as of late have been very lackluster
  7. I don't know about a tournament persay, but I would enjoy real hitting in the WWE(Cena vs Brock at Extreme Rules anyone?).

    However, who cares? You know what I say to them? The movies you pay to go see and to go buy, are all fake, their all scripted, their all actors, so what makes WWE any worse than a big time action movie? Nothing, if anything, its harder to pull off a WWE show than a movie, and i'll explain why:

    -EVERYONE does their own stunts, regardless on how bad they suck, if they suck, they pay the price in the ring.

    -EVERYONE has to have acting skills/mic skills to really make it to the top, YOU try talking in the middle of an arena while millions around the world are watching YOU LIVE as your doing it, ain't easy, is it? Specially when you don't get the reactions you want to get.

    -EVERYONE has to be athletic in some sort of way, it's like football, it's like basketball, it's a sport, and it's a lot more vicious sport than football, for you football fans out there.

    -EVERYONE has to sell it, and that ain't easy, trust me, I tried out wrestling before with this guy who was in a wrestling school, he showed me some stuff, but I couldn't get it down. Making sure you don't fully hit somebody all the time, but make it look like you did, and have the other guy make it look like it hurt, is hard stuff to do, believe that.

    -EVERYONE really does get hurt from time to time. If you pull a move wrong, or the guy your facing has a legit problem with you, you could seriously really get injured, and the blood? Yeah, a lot of it is fake, and a lot of it is real, it depends on the situation. Take Steve Austin going into Owens pile driver for example, or Cena's head getting busted open by Brock, it was all real, and it all really hurt I am sure. Or, take any big guy, like Yokozuna, who likes to drop from the top rope onto your body, and crush you, you think that's fake?

    -Just think of it as a TV show, a TV show like Breaking Bad, or a TV show like Prison Break, it's just an action TV show, People act to make it interesting, and then they fight, what about it being fake makes it any less interesting? Nothing, I enjoy my fair share of UFC, trust me, but when I want to watch something interesting, that's not a bunch of guys rolling around on the mat throwing punches, and I want to see storylines, and dudes flying off top topes and breaking guys through tables, I watch WWE, who cares if its fake? So are action movies and action tv shows.

    -Friends who have been to live events say it's sort of like a circus, so take it as you will. A circus event, an action TV series, whatever, it's fake, but it's fun to watch.
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  8. They should put Sheamus. Orton & Show in a 3 way shoot fight just so I can see Show legitimately knock out those two goofy fuck heads.
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  9. You left out one big difference - WWE has a lot of bad acting.

    On a similar but slightly different note, I'd much rather be a successful filmmaker than a successful wrestler.
  10. That would be so damn awesome.

    Two wrestlers from each style.

  11. Who cares? The person dumb enough to point that out as a negative to a wrestling fan is probably the same person consuming 12 hours of reality tv a week.
  12. Thats purely your choice, I would rather be a WWE or TNA wrestler than make a movie, but thats just me.
  13. I was pointing it out since he was pointing out similarities/differences between wrestling and movies. And you care, since you've pointed out and made fun of terrible acting on the shows before.

    I hate reality TV.
  14. There is plenty of terrible acting going on in a lot of movies and most tv shows as well though. It is hardly just wrestling that has bad actors. A lot of the situations are just so over the top that it makes any acting seem like bad acting in wrestling.
  15. No. Fans who dislike shoot fights would tune off, and the MMA people who tuned in would probably just watch that, or think it's still fake anyway and don't watch at all.
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