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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by ThePhenom97, Nov 4, 2018.

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  1. Yes, it's time for something new

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  2. No, everything is ok

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  3. It doesn't matter if it happens or not

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  1. WWE needs the Draft back because there are some guys who are on the wrong position and roster they're in now.

    If you cannot go with Strowman as World Champion on RAW, then do it on SmackDown..

    Plus there are other guy like Balor and McIntyre who should be on SmackDown.

    I just think a McIntyre and AJ feud will be awesome.

    Truly if they wouldn't let Strowman be Champion, I say Draft Rusev to RAW so he can save us.

    Most of all they need to do it to make up some new Storylines

    So do you feel we need the draft again?...
  2. Well maybe trades. I liked The Miz better on Raw and it's ridiculous Strowman hasn't won a World Championship. Also Corey Graves should be on one show
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  3. Actually I rather see Corey on neither but that's just my opinion. The

    Reason why I say Braun may should go to SmackDown is because if they're not going to put Braun Strowman as Champion on Mondays then why not Tuesdays.

    They have missed so many opportunities with Braun it isn't funny. It's insane.
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  4. Corey sucks but people like him, he's ok but he's stuck up I saw him at a house show. Strowman's story is heartbreaking
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    Don't we already have it once a year after Wrestlemania?

    I mean they call it the Superstar Shake-Up...but its basically
    the draft right?
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  6. Truly Balor deserves to be on SmackDown because he's going nowhere on RAW.

    They're just using him as a Side Show attraction with his Demon gimmick
  7. Well it looks like I f*cked up and made a mistake

    But if they want to they could make it like it was in 2002 where the GM chooses.
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  8. What sucks is apparently Vince doesn't like Strowman because of something he said gettimg ready for a promo. Mick Foley said Vince was really mad. That was 2 years ago. Vinnie never forgave him like John Morrison
  9. Just wait until after Mania to do the draft again. If you want to do a few transfers then just do a few trades or contract negotiations. You don't need to completely shake up the roster
  10. Isn't that a booking nightmare? If the GM can choose whoever they want then all the top stars would just swap over. A draft is good when starting up a brand extension but I say what they do now is better. Backstage confidential meetings between The GM's.

    'No Paige, you may not have Seth Rollins...but you can have Jinder Mahal'
  11. Just watch the women's division during the next draft/superstar shake-up...

    "All those women defeated by Ronda...move to SDL! All those women yet
    to be defeated by Ronda to RAW! Move it people! Move it! We have to get
    Alexa Bliss back on SDL so they can put a title back on her ASAP!!!"
  12. Or Ronda gets drafted to Smackdown on FOX
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  13. Oh...

    I'm sorry...I'm Australian so I have no idea what that means.
  14. Don't know how nationality has anything to do with this. Or is it that Australians that like WWE don't keep up with news?
  15. No the way it was is the took turns choosing

    they didn't tell each other who to choose
  16. I know...I didn't say they did...

    That's what they apparently do now in the superstar shakeup.

    The draft is good for starting up a brand extension but it is a booking nightmare if you don't want to completely change the rosters.

    The Superstar Shakeup or The Draft Lottery allows them to make changes while avoiding the GM's just picking the biggest stars. Cuz sometimes you want the brands to have fresh faces but still maintain their identity.
  17. No...it means I don't understand what the TV/Channel situation is in America
    because I don't live there. The same way I didn't know Canada was legalizing
    pot until a Canadian member told me.

    Most Australian don't give a fuck what is happening in America...or any other
    country for that matter...because its none of our fucking business...

    And we have more important things to worry about...like drinking beer & having
    the flashest possible bogan street racing car.


    I swear I'm an alien.

    Hell Yeah! With Jinder back on SDL A.J would finally have a worthy opponent!
  18. No what I mean't by Taking turns choosing is they Would choose who they WANT, NOT who they have to.
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  19. This is a quote of you directly addressing the FOX deal in a thread about the FOX deal. So don't give me that 'I don't know what FOX is' BS.
    That makes no sense. Say if a GM get's 5 picks, if those 5 picks are not the 5 biggest stars on the opposite brand then they are stupid. Otherwise the other GM will, so they wouldn't take the risk of wasting a pick they want Zack Ryder. Goes without saying really. Just make wrestling make sense.
  20. The Draft is a STORYLINE! In this type of Draft they will choose who THEY WANT AND THINK IS BEST!