WrestleMania Should WWE go for HHH VS HBK at WM30?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Baraa, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. I think it would be great to have this match at WM30, I know that many would argue that this feud was milked to death in 2002-2004, but just think about it like this.
    HBK telling HHH on a RAW show in the summer that he should consider retirement and that he should focus on his position as the COO of the company, HHH refuses and this leads to a beef between the 2, leading to a match between between the 2 at WM 30 with the stipulation that if HHH loses, he should retire.

    This way, HHH can have his retirement match at a historical event like the 30th anniversary of WrestleMania against his best friend, where he loses and retires.

    Do you think this should happen?

  2. I say no. HBK is retired. He shouldn't have to come back just to retire Hunter.
  3. Then who should HHH have his retirement match with?
  4. Not a fan of the idea. Keep Michaels retired.
  5. If Shawn hadn't retired it was the perfect story, sadly HBK should stay as one of the few who actually stays out if the ring imo.
  6. Preferably he'd pass the torch to a younger guy in his last match instead of having it with one of his generation. That is the old school way of doing things and Triple H is very old school in his way of looking at wrestling.
  7. It's not like if someone is retired, they can't come back for a "one more match".
  8. In wrestling it kinda is that way. Otherwise it is tarnishing your legacy. Look at Flair, he devalued his legacy by saying he would never wrestle again yet going to TNA and doing just that.
  9. Dean Ambrose or Damien Sandow are the perfect choices if they do indeed go with that way.
  10. Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, and Austen may come out of retirement to have the dream match with Punk at WM30, so it does happen from time to time.
  11. Flair has lost more retirement matches than he's had wives, I think the first was in the late 80s even.
  12. No. It's time to move forward. Use these legends to put over new guys or have them stay the fuck away. Enough Rock vs Cena, Taker vs HHH or HHH vs Brock. E-nough.
  13. NO! Stay retired unlike the other guys.
  14. It almost happened this year. The original plan was to do another one year build starting the night after WM28, with HBK and HHH challenging each other to a match at WM29 to see who the better man really was once and for all. But they felt with both Rock announcing he wanted to be world champion again and Lesnar returning at the end of the show, that it would be overshadowed. So, they put it off to later but then decided to abandon the idea altogether.

    I would have loved to have seen the two of them give it their all once last time in just a pure wrestling match but I also like HBK actually sticking to his word and staying retired, unlike a lot of other legends. I wish more wrestlers had one ultimate point where they can look back and say in a meaningful that so and so was their last match ever. Not a lot of wrestlers get the chance to go out in one last blaze of glory before their way past their prime. Hogan's chance passed him up, Foley returned way too many times, Flair got his perfect send off about ten-fifteen years past his prime (and even then still returned to wrestle!), Bret never got the chance because of injury, etc. Michaels had the perfect storyline to ride off into the sunset with. Triple H should too, given the position he is in.
  15. HHH passing the torch :haha:

    Source? You can't speak about these things as if they're fact anyway imo.
  16. http://www.wrestlezone.com/news/251981-exclusive-details-on-wrestlemania-29-main-event-being-considered

    it was a separate report that said it as axed because of Brock being signed and debuting but I don't feel like digging that report out as well.
  17. Wrestlezone...

    Yeah, you definitely can't speak about this as fact then lmao. Even worse than Meltzer dude.
  18. I just zoomed through most all of Wrestlezone's current news, and it seems like the same news that other sites report. Picking and choosing which websites you decide to trust (without direct proof from any of them) seems silly to me.
  19. I like the idea but I dont see michaels coming back.I would just focus it on a retirement match with his best friend.
  20. He should leave putting a young guy over. The way most people should.
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