Should WWE look at Roadblock as a test?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by C.M. Shaddix, Mar 8, 2016.

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  1. Alright Roadblock seems like a filler special before Wresltemania... but should it be looked at more than that? This should be looked at by WWE officials as "final test" to see what needs to be changed to make Wrestlemania a great event. Because there is of course some things that have to be changed.

    One match booked is Reigns vs. Sheamus, this is an obvious throw in match but what is it really? The show is in Toronto, this place gets a good crowd. I believe WWE should be looking at this match just for Reign's reaction to see how they feel about him one last time going into Wresltemania, or it's what they should do anyway.

    Toronto will boo Reigns to all out knowledge, and him being off tv for 2 weeks due to that surgery ain't gonna help, if WWE actually has the right mindset, they should change the outcome of the title match later that night. How to do it? If Reigns is booed, have a segment taped where Dean Ambrose confronts Brock and Heyman before Lesnar's match with Wyatt, Ambrose states he knows Lesnar will try to screw him so he strikes a deal, if he wins, the match at Mania between Lesnar and Ambrose will be for the title.

    There ya go.

    This will put Lesnar out of the picture for the main event of Roadblock as Dean goes on to win. This tactic should be used depending on how bad Roman Reign's fan reaction is at the event.

    The second test is the NXT tag title match, WWE should use this event to see how well Enzo and Cass get over. IF the crowd goes nuts, NEW DAY SCREWS THEM and we ourselves the tag title match for Wrestlemania. If it's an alright reaction then they'll beat the Revival for the belts.

    You guys think Roadblock should be or will be used as big importance?
  2. Why completely change the build over the past year or so at a glorified house show? Reigns isn't getting the desired reaction and Ambrose is seriously over but this thread isn't the way to go about, they've run the Mania build too late to completely change it now.
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  3. Giving Ambrose the title for a match with Lesnar in the main event at WM33 is a great idea; do Triple H vs Roman as the smaller co-main event so the show doesn't end in boos. Also, speaking about Roadblock, I think we should get 3-5 big IC title qualifiers for what will most likely be a multi-man match. We could get Zayn fight someone to secure his spot, Sandow fights someone (see if he's still over, which he will be) and we can even get AJ Styles fight, but with Y2J interfering to set up their match - the heel who fights AJ, probably Miz, could get his own spot in the IC title match.
  4. Lemme put it like this. There is legitimate talk backstage of putting the belt on Ambrose this weekend. Vince is pissed that Roman is not getting the reaction he has intended for him and realizes that if he wants to end the possibly biggest mania ever with the crowd cheering he cannot go in with a Roman babyface win. He doesn't like it. But he is considering it.

    It's not like it is the first time he changes something late on.
    Hell, he decided to put the belt on Rollins the night before the last mania. And did not tell him until midway through the show
  5. After all he's done to push Roman it doesn't seem right to curb that attempt on the eve of the biggest show with a long term story, after all Roman hasn't been getting the desired reaction for a while. Where's this legitimate talk coming from? I'm willing to bet H beats Ambrose at Roadblock, the only way I don't see it happening would be if H regained the belt the following Raw (if they were doing a title change, why not on Raw actually?)
  6. He's done it before. He doesn't like to since Vince is a known control freak. But he can do it if push comes to show.

    As for where this is coming from. Meltzer & Alvarez has discussed it. I also think the insider crew has touched on it briefly. Not to mention whatever the current reddit account that claims to work for WWE is now (granted that is the least credible of the sources)
  7. Falcon Arrow? If so he did call what happened on the past raw pretty well, but still it just seems really unlikely.
  8. Again, it is just talks apparently. and Vince is going to stick to his guns as long as he can. It took until the night before mania 31 for him to agree to using the cash in and it took a good couple of weeks for him to agree to put Bryan in the main event of 30 post the rumble. He thinks he can outsmart/force the crowd to think as he does.

    But the entire TV tour stop until wrestlemania is in smart/tough crowds. He's going to have his work cut out for him
  9. If Ambrose seriously wins this weekend, I'll mark the fuck out. It would be much better to have Ambrose as a face going into mania as champion.

    Imagine is they had Roman turn heel and face Dean in the main event. That would sell and be awesome.

    I think it should be Ambrose vs Brock in a street fight for the title. Could you imagine that main event? Holy shit. Let it go on for like 45 mins of them literally beating the living shit out of each other. Whoever wins doesn't matter too much at that point, the fans are pleased and the match made mania huge
  10. As much as I would love for Ambrose to win and go on to headline WM, I just don't see it happening. It's just daydreaming at this point.

    I see HHH retaining by having Lesnar come out and screw Ambrose out of the title. That seems to be the safest bet right now.
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  11. I seriously doubt we're going to get the IC title ladder match this year, too... Which is fine by me. KO vs Zayn >>>

    On the other hand, I do see a US title ladder match.
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    Why would Brock screw Ambrose? Surely Heyman would be able to get him into the title match from a kayfabe pov if Ambrose won (plus Ambrose wants to fight him.) Wouldn't it be in Brock's best interest for Ambrose to get the title?
  13. This. Regardless of the result at Roadblock. There doesn't need to be shenanigans involved.

    If Brock wants a title match he'd get it one way or the other. And Ambrose's character is ballsy/foolhardy enough to just agree to it anyways. Hell, he might suggest it even.
  14. 'cause WWE is usually hellbent on having their main events end via DQ/screwy finishes, so ending this one clean would surprise the hell out of me.
  15. Heard one rumor that they don't know if Reigns will be recovered from his surgery in time for 'Mania. Probably bullshit, but things happen...

    Either way Roman is the #1 contender so Roman has to be in the title match, right?

    Sounds crazy but no matter what, I wouldn't change the lineup. :blackshock: They need matches to fill the card. They need big matches.
    Combining the Ambrose/Lesnar match with the WWEWHC isn't the answer, and doubt the finished product would be as good as the epicness that'll come from that Brock/Dean deal.

    Then again, the randoms that buy Wrestlemania don't know about "triple main events", so having a top three of a Fatal-4-Way WWEWHC + HIAC + Zayn vs Owens is great for us wrestling fans anyway, soooo...
  16. Only when the champion is a weak heel/over the top good guy. Hunter is neither. He has been presented as a total badass since the rumble and should just beat Dean clean as a whistle if he walks out of Roadblock with the belt.
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    I'd be fine with that outcome, but going by WWE's logic, I doubt that's how they'll be approaching it.

    We'll see, though. If they end up having Trips defeat Ambrose clean, then that'll be a surprise, I guess.
  18. But as you said, Hunter knows exactly what's going on here.

    "So I'm gonna destroy Ambrose, get all this heat and look like a dominant BAMF to be as big of an odd for Roman to overcome at Mania!?" Come on son.

    Does make sense for the characters but not from a meta standpoint
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    lol Dean isn't winning the title at Roadblock. If they were seriously considering putting the belt on him, they'd wait out the big moment till Wrestlemania, since Mania is built on iconic moments like people finally capturing the gold, and winning the championship for the very first time is a lot more epic than just merely retaining it. HHH should walk into Mania as the villainous champion, no matter what.

    Even if Ambrose won the strap this Saturday, it wouldn't be him versus Brock for the title at Mania, it'd be a four-way between he, HHH, Reigns, and Brock. Reigns won the right to fight for the title at Mania fair and square at Fast Lane and his animosity with Hunter is largely embroiled over being screwed out of the championship, his bestest buddy Dean can't just win it and carry it over to his feud with Lesnar and leave Roman with nothing.

    I personally think they're gonna end up changing the WM main event regardless. I have a feeling they'll merge Reigns vs HHH and Brock vs Ambrose into one match and they may even end up throwing Bray Wyatt into the mix as well (Sheamus too, if they wanna make it a six-way.)
  20. No, not clean as a whistle. Ambrose can't lose momentum on his road to Lesnar. I highly, highly doubt he'll win. I don't expect him to. But it'd be smart to play into his character they've been going with. Triple H just needs to throw everything at him, but Ambrose won't stay down. Cue the typical 'reff takes small bump and is down for 10 minutes' spot, and Ambrose takes advantage. He hits his finisher, but the reff just won't move. No other reff comes to do the count(could say The Authority threatened them to back off). Dean tries to wake up the reff, and that's were HHH hits him with a low blow. Then spit on him, something. Be such a heel the crowd just despises it. Triple H gets his sledgehammer and beats the crap out of Ambrose, and then finishes him off.

    Orr Ambrose is able to take the sledgehammer from Trips, and hits him a couple of times only to be caught by the ref and DQ'd.

    Either way Ambrose looks strong in defeat, and the crowd will hate Triple H for destroying their fan favorite. Not saying that it'll shift the crowd at Mania, but it could be a little bit more in Roman's favor. Even if it is 30% of the crowd that cheers him, it'll be an improvement.
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