Should WWE Re-Sign Brock Lesnar?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solid Snake, Aug 5, 2018.

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    Brock seems to spike ratings when he is on the weekly show.
    Should WWE re-sign him?

    I think that if they were to resign him, it should be under a better contract. One where he is on the show more than once a month. I know they need to pay out a lot to him for appearances and matches but it would be more worth it than signing him on for the same "hardly there" appearances.
  2. I don’t think so. I think he should stay in a similar part time fashion as he is now. It’s what makes him feel bigger than life when he shows up: it’s rare and he beats peoples asses.

    Lately he’s felt stale because of the damn Roman feud, and beyond that the constant push to make it seem like he’s nothing more than a mercenary part timer who hates the WWE universe. Whether that’s true or not doesn’t matter, I feel that the WWE Universe can clearly tell that it’s hust Vince’s attempt to make them love Roman more than Brock. And it’s not happening.

    So, if he’s put into matches like he was in 2014-2015 and booked differently, I think he would be just fine.
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  3. I guess that is a fair point. Not like they will pay out the amount to have him full time anyways.
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  4. I have no interest in him sticking around. If they kept the title off him and wanted him to show up occasionally, fine. But honestly I would be just as happy to never see him again.
  5. I'm into Brock. I'm just not interested with what they are doing with him atm (Being the beast that Roman must conquer for the title on a big stage). So I don't mind if he is still around. Just keep him from the title scene, or if he is the champion, just book his title run better.
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  6. I don't think Brock will do it.. He has this schedule because that's what he wants. He'll just leave and go back to UFC for a couple years... UFC could use a guy like Brock in the Heavyweight division, they have nobody except Cromier and he's retiring next year... Heavyweight division is a lame ass division right now.
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  7. Yes It never gets tiresome seeing 45 German suplexes in a match :21-1:
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    They are gonna try to resign Brock but he isn't gonna go back. According to like die hard MMA fans they say he only got a few good MMA years under his belt. I doubt he is gonna be like Ken Shamrock. He's most likely going go a face Cromier as his prime objective.

    So luckly this leaves more opportunity open for other Superstars.
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  9. Bring back Brock on a light and flexible contract. Brock doesn't have to be champion, so there is no requirement for him to turn up as much.

    You would think Brock would want to do both WWE and UFC to get lots of cash.
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  10. I love Brock Lesnar, the wrestler who shows up four times a year to brutalize people. I just hate Brock Lesnar, the Champion who makes the title only show up four times a year. As far as I'm concerned, Brock and WWE are amazing for each other just as long as he isn't a champion
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