Should Y2J's career be remembered in WWE?

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  1. After a shock from Ziggler on Aug 20 edition of Raw Jericho''s WWE Contract was terminated.
  2. Jericho will be back!!!!!!! he will NEVER be forgotten :smug: :smug: :jeritroll:
  3. Jericho is a sure fire hall of famer. This is in the wrong section though so I am getting it moved for you.
  4. As Stopspot said Jericho is a future hall of famer, he will no way be forgotten.
  5. You do know wrestling is fake, right? Jericho will eventually be back and of course he will be remembered when he does finally hang the boots up for good.
  6. He'll be right back.
  7. He'll always be remembered, and hopefully and most likely earn a Hall of Fame spot.
  8. Hall of fame for sure
  9. LOL @ WWE IS REAL. Y2j Put over DB and now DZ. You're welcome, for the GOAT, AKA Y2J.

    GOAT. First undisputed champ, best intro in WWE history, and best at putting huge names over. WWE dropped the ball with him time, after time in the last few years. He put over DB, and fans HAD to force him to get over as big as he is, hopefully DZ works better.
  10. Of course Jericho will be remembered, he was the first undisputed champion, and the only person to ever hold the WCW and ECW championship. He also always puts young talent over, there's no way anybody can forget him. Jericho is a unproclaimed Hall of Famer already, he's a legend. He defeated Stone Cold and The Rock at the same night, beating the top two faces of WWE at that time will write your name in cement in WWE history.
  13. Jericho is one of the most entertaining superstars of the WWE. He can never be forgotten. I hope he comes back around february. By then the rock will be the wwe champion and they will face each-other at wrestlemania29 #OneMoreMatch :yes:
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  14. Jericho is a guaranteed hall of famer.
  15. Trust me, if people like Pete Rose can be locked into the Hall of Fame, a great Superstar and Rock n' Roll god like Jericho will definitely make it. As stated before, he was the first Undisputed Champion in the WWE, people have gotten in for much, MUCH less.
  16. Of course Jericho's entering the Hall of Fame.
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