Shouldn't all Championships be defended at NoC?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Chaz, Sep 1, 2013.

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  1. So the main thing about NoC is that all the Championships must be defended, everyone knows that. Now the problem is that Axel is in a 2-on-1 elimination handicap match which means he won't defend the intercontinental championship :/

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  2. It is just a shitty name for a PPV. Don't look too far into it.
  3. It's always been that way, surely they'll protect gimmick by involving the IC title somehow.

    Hope not though, this PPV blows.

  4. Generally one of the worst and least important shows of the year. I think they are trying to live up to that billing with this year's rendition.
  5. Guy A has belt. Guy B wants belt. They're gonna fight. :yay: Build!
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  6. You know how would I get the IC title involved? If Punk is able to take out Axel, the IC title is on the line when he's 1 on 1 with Heyman. If they want to take the feud further, Punk takes out Axel but the champion is able to interrupt the match, therefore Punk wins via DQ but Axel retains the title.
  7. Even though CM Punk is 'above' the title, it would have made sense within the angle for Punk to want to take the championship out of the Heyman camp since he vowed to take everything away from Heyman in a promo a month ago. The belt could still end up in the match somehow by the time the PPV rolls around, but I doubt it. Maybe Punk will cost Axel the belt sometime over the next two weeks as a way of furthering the build and then the newly crowned IC Champion can defend it at the PPV, maybe on the pre-show (depending on who would win the belt.)
  8. If they didn't want CM Punk to win the IC title but do want him to go over, they should have had him win by DQ. Simple.

    From wiki:
  9. I'm sure the belt'll be defended anyway in an unannounced match.
  10. Should've been if CM Punk beat Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel, CM Punk would be crowned the new 'Intercontinental Champion'. Wooh, McMahons should just shuff it up, this sucks. NOC. destroyed.
  11. The title is on the poster dammit.
  12. Either change the ppv name or put the IC title on the line. I mean what happen to the good ppv names like Vengeance, Bad Blood, No Way Out, Unforgiven, No Mercy, Insurrexxtion and Rebellion? Those were awesome names. NOC has always had a shitty gimmick, earlier this year all titles were defended at Payback so why wasn't that NOC then?
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  13. You missed Backlash. :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. What happened last night, just love it. Though Curtis Axel retaining the Intercontinental champion but Kofi Kingston back inside after those incredibly amazing wins on Raw and Smackdown. Will Kofi Kingston give up, or will he seek his title?
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