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  1. Maybe you should add a shoutbox at the top of the site not over the banner but under, I and a couple of people from this community would certainly agree on this as it would be great to chat instantly and discuss less important matters rather than discussing them on a thread you know which makes it into a less high quality thread with just spam on it.

    I mean it's just what i think it's all up to the staff members because they have the word in here and the shoutbox would definitely improve the communication in this forum.
  2. Shoutboxes are the most vulnerable thing you can add to a forum, it's the most common plugin to be exploited to hack the forum. Has happened to me before actually, not fun at all :emoji_slight_frown:. Also, with a shoutbox post count drastically decreases, because people tend to talk about their wrestling ideas, feedback etc in the shoutbox instead of making a new thread for example.

    I understand why people would want one, it's faster communication for sure, but it's not something I would want to risk here really. When we're a lot bigger with a lot more daily posts/members, I'll probably install a shoutbox for maybe upgraded groups only. That way it wouldn't be spammed, and I doubt many donators would want to hack our site.

    Thanks for the suggestion :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. It's already been suggested by me, I also learned why it was denied. There are way to many vulnerabilities in a shoutbox, and it also refrains the post count too. That is why we will not at a shoutbox I think right @[Crayo]?
  4. Ninja'd you.
  5. Crayo's right. Activity will be reduced in no time because of the Shoutbox. What are forums for? :emoji_wink:
  6. Ev'rybody gimme' a hell nawww.
  7. I want to hack your site @[Crayo], beware :love: