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Show Information/PPV Schedule

Company/Show Name: EMPIRE Wrestling.
Weekly Show Location: Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Ploughkeepsie, New York.
Show Theme Music: "The Resistance" - Skillet.
Ringside Commentators: Patrick Young (Face) and Anthony Pederson (Heel).
Backstage Interviewers: Alex Price and Yenee Roung.
Ring Announcer: Terra Blaze.

January - Risen To Fall (NXT: The End) - Mid-Hudson Civic Center, New York.
February - Day of Dismemberment (No Mercy) - Americraft Expo Center, Florida.
March - Carnage in the NYC (NXT: BROOKLYN) - Mid-Hudson Civic Center, New York
April - Stairway to Greatness (M.I.T.B PPV) - Prudential Center, New Jersey.
May - Absolution (Extreme Rules) - Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena, Florida.
June - Viewer's Choice - Wintrust Arena, Chicago Illinois.
July - After Effect (Backlash) - Mid-Hudson Civic Center, New York.
August - Summer For Savagery (Summerslam) - Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, California.
September - Abhorrence (BattleGround) - Mid-Hudson Civic Center, New York.
October - Wrestle Dynasty (Wrestlemania PPV) - Barclays Center, New York.

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