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    - Weekly Matches (Saturday Night Precision) should either be played in the Smackdown Arena or the Custom Precision Arena uploaded by CiV.

    - The show commentators are Patrick Young (Face) and Anthony Pederson (Heel), you are allowed to use them in promos but Young must stay a Face and Pederson must stay a Heel.

    - The backstage interviewers are Terra Blaze and Alex Price, feel free to use them in promos or in the backstage thread.

    - There are three weekly shows between each PPV.

    PPV Schedule

    December: TLC

    January: Backlash

    February: Viewers Choice

    March: Bad Blood

    April: Gauntlet Of Champions

    May: Judgement Day

    June: Duality

    July: San Diego Sunset

    August: Summerslam

    September: Ground Zero

    October: Wrestle Dynasty II