Show of hands: Who is annoyed by Brie Bella

Discussion in 'RAW' started by wils172, May 6, 2014.

  1. I'm sorry but this ##### has zero talent when it comes to acting.. this whole story line b/w DB and Kane is awful and Her screams sound sooooo fake and her reactions are so over dramatic it's not even a little bit believable.. they need to axe her and this whole story line for before it completely ruins DB's overness. Anyone else feel the same?

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  2. She's not a very good actress, I don't think she's bad to the point the stuff is unwatchable, although on the last show her screaming on the segment you posted in particular was very, very annoying.
  3. I'm not annoyed really. Just using Kane as a monster, and loved ones are a good target.
  4. If this all leads up to Brie getting chokeslammed straight to hell, then I'm down for it.
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  5. *Raises Hand*

    I agree her acting was atrocious. That whole segment played out like a scene from a badly acted B-horror slasher flick lol. I know this kind of bad acting is typical of wrestling sometimes (especially when you put a Diva on camera and tell them to try and fake real emotions), but still.

    Anyway, I don't like her and never have. I know she adds a bit of vulnerability to Bryan by being present during this whole Kane angle since now Bryan has more to look out for and worry about than just himself, but I really resent the thought of her being there side by side by Bryan from now on.
  6. Not annoyed by her in the slightest.
  7. Randy Savage once worked and Indy show with Lance Storm, Candido and Sunny. Lance had recently married and Randy assumed Sunny was his wife.
    Savage advised Storm against doing angles with his new bride as Randy himself felt doing angles with Elizabeth led to the end of their marriage.
    There may have been other factors, but its no secret the 'business' isn't so kind to close engagements... even when they are on-screen and together regularly
    Taker/Sara, Savage/Liz, Matt/Lita, Edge/Lita, McIntytre/Terrell, HBK/Sunny, CM Punk/Random female wrestler... Ultimately, Bryan is being naive by not looking at the facts
    Unless you're John Morrison (who's whipped), the business is going to cause a strain like it always does.

    Before you mention HHH, understand that both he and Steph have veto power over any angles offered to them without fear of reprimand.
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  8. This made me laugh!
  9. I don't know how to put this but she is really good for one second... and then drops everything and is really really bad.

    When Kane emerged from the ring to drag her to hell she was doing awesome in that. I was very impressed with her

    But in this segment she just threw all acting skills out the window.
  10. She's the least annoying Bella, not a hard task though.
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  11. Wonder if she's always around to comfort Bryan after all the tragedy in his life?
  12. Awful acting. Never put a mic on her, have off mic screams but Brie cannot act, stay on Total Divas and keep her out of all future segments, I had to skip it, sounded like a poorly made horror movie, she has zero talent in that aspect
  13. but but but boobs :yes:
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  14. Divas are just eye candy, I doubt if very many tune in to get engrossed in their minor plots. Kane was a soft talking, mild mannered talking suit just weeks ago ,,, But oh yeah, He has donned his mask, and that naturally turns him back into the devils demon ! The whole angle is ludicrous and unbelievable to anyone over 8, so actually her fake screams fit in pretty well with the fake plot.
    Seems likely it will culminate in a kidnapping, maybe Kane will make her wear a mask that possesses her, a PPV to settle it and then hopefully it will be over.
  15. Brie>New boobs Nikki for sure

    But yes, I agree the acting was horrendous in that segment. That part where Brain was "checking" on Kane after he hit him or whatever. Just get out of there already man. I know you used to be friends or whatever in kayfabe, but fuck, that shits just stupid (hehe I said buttfuck). I have a feeling it will take more than that to "kill his overness" though.
  16. Brie's acting is cringey seriously she shouldnt be involved in this Daniel/Kane feud
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  17. Watched the segment on YT, and holy fuck her acting is DREADFUL. But hey that's wrestling for you, not the first time it's happened and won't be the last. I don't mind her too much, the angle won't last very long anyway. She just helps get some easy heat for Kane and such.
  18. The entire thing is really bad, and Brie's non stop screaming makes it even worse. I think it's better for all of us if the WWE just has Bryan beat Kane at Payback and moves onto a new challenger soon, Brie just goes back to Divas and Jericho comes back for Bryan vs Jericho. Or somehow Punk. Because Bryan vs Punk would be great. Hell, throw Sheamus and/or Ziggler at Bryan now.
  19. Well I dont miss skipping WWE now, that angle is still going down? It's like they cashed in for a cheap pop and are now burying DB via Kane again.

    You could have Kane IRL kill Brie and people would still expect him to job when the match happens. Fuck worrying about her being around, how much worse could this idea go? Big show heel turn #6,314 is on the way, so wwe fans say "well i guess Kane vs DB wasn't THAT bad."

    I guess my opinion means nothing since I dont watch but there is no way my interest is even remotely there. So many great things like Shield and Wyatt but BVD and this fucking gig? TNA interests me more and EY is the fucking champ over there. Eric Young.
  20. Not opposed, yet not a fan.
    Useless opinion I know :emoji_wink: She is eye candy though that's for sure ^^

    I've been annoyed by some things she's done but overall I mean she's just another pair of tits and ass to look at IMO so It's not that annoying haha.