Show Of Hands - Who Thinks Cena Will Squash Rusev After Night Of Champions?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. We all know Cena and Rusev are going to end up feuding eventually as it just makes too much sense for them not to and we all have the fear that Cena, the Conqueror Of Undefeated Streaks (Undertaker's Wrestlemania record being the exception), will be the first to defeat "The Russian Brute", but who thinks it could happen as early as Hell In A Cell or Survivor Series? If Cena ends up taking another clean loss to Brock Lesnar at Night Of Champions, then you can be damn sure he's winning his next feud as a way of "gaining his credibility back", and with who else might that be other than Rusev? Seth Rollins will be tied up with Ambrose, and defeating Corporate Kane just wouldn't be nearly as significant as being the first to trounce Rusev, and I don't see nay other viable options. I could even see them having this match headline the Tribute To The Troops show in December since it's so close by. (It could also be why Rusev isn't going after the United States Championship right now because the US Title would clearly have no place in a feud with Cena.)

    Of course, I could also see them waiting it out until Wrestlemania and booking it as a midcard feud, ala Cena vs Wyatt this year, but I wouldn't be shocked to see them pull the trigger on it this early. Viewing things from WWE's point of view, I could see them booking this as Cena's big redemption moment following two
    consecutive losses to Brock Lesnar.
  2. If Cena loses to Brock at NOC, I can see this feud happening for sure. Cena wins, however, I don't see them giving Rusev a title shot yet. It's possible. But unlikely.

    I would love to see this feud, actually, I just know it'll end up with Cena overcoming him and making him look bad. But, it could also help Rusev be seen as a big time heel because he's battling Cena. Their matches would be great.
  3. I'd love to see the feud as well, I just don't care for Cena being the first one to defeat him. I'd prefer if they kept Rusev undefeated all the way till next year and then booked him to be the first challenger for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship following Wrestlemania 31. Roman Reigns or Daniel Bryan, one of which we can be certain will walk away from WMXXXI as the newly crowned champion, would be better choices to put down Rusev than Cena.
  4. I'd be alright with a Rusev/Cena feud, I would really want Rusev to end up victorious though.
  5. Rusev has quite a bit of momentum at the moment so it may suit WWE to cash in on that ASAP. Cena's would be the number to call
    They could reward Big Show with it, considering the years of service. Just imagine the ol' bastard tearing up at the sight of the U.S flag and fighting for justice.
    Should WWE consider it, they may 'unleash' Rusev as an uncontrollable monster whom Lana even has trouble containing. A showdown with Cesaro could still be in the works.

    If Daniel Bryan wins the Rumble, Reigns could take Rusev down at that PPV. Reign has yet to feud with a monster and January would be an optimal time to get it done.
  6. I'd rather they didn't do this in all honesty, Rusev is absolutely horrid IMO and this match would mean longer matches for him.
  7. If Cena loses to Brock at NoC, which is highly likely to happen, I see Cena taking a month or so off. He's already fucked up and hurting everywhere.. he would be stupid and management would be stupid to throw him into another feud with a big strong dude.. especially one that has a finisher that targets the back and neck.. the 2 places Cena is hurting the worst.
  8. Rusev's finishing is hardly any threat to punish Cena's back any more than it already is.
    Cena's injury come from regular wear and tear as well as his power move set.
    You must be in the minority because most believe Rusev's strength is his ring work.
  9. Meh he's a poor man's Michael Elgin.
  10. I applause you, Seabs, for mentioning the name of a man I am not familiar with at all.
  11. I agree 100% with this. However, because of DB's injury, who knows how WWE will handle him? I know he'll be a top guy but that doesn't mean they'll push him towards the main even of Mania 31 or give him much a of a title push. I would love to see Reigns be the one to beat him. That would be great.
  12. He'll probably end up going the same route as Umaga. They'll push him strong enough to go straight into the main event, but then he'll fall down the card afterwards and settle for winning the Intercontinental, United States, and/or maybe even the Tag Team Championships. Everyone keeps predicting that he'll win the US Title at some point (him desecrating the US Title and then creating his own make-shift belt in the name and image of Russia, ala Lance Storm in 2000 in WCW, makes too much sense not to happen), but I think that'll only occur after he works a main event program with John Cena and/or the world champion as I described.
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  13. Agreed. It was cool at first but he has no staying power. See one Rusev match you've seen em all
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