Shower thought - UK & U.S are the poster boys of capitalism, yet our political structure is aids.

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  1. I ran out of title room to keep it intellectual, so I just used the word aids. The point still stands.

    In the United States of America, the land of the free, you have Hilary Clinton - corrupt as they get and is currently serving as porn for wikileaks, and Donald Trump - he wants to build a fucking wall ffs - as your political candidates to become the president of arguably the most powerful country on the planet.

    In the United Kingdom, GREAT Britain, we have just decided to vote out of the European Union on the basis of an argument pretty much summed up as "urm, ISIS gonna get us if we don't", and then universally gasped when we realised we genuinely just voted out and we can't turn back. BUT it's okay, we have Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, spearhead characters for the referendum, to come in and save the day! Oh wait, one of them admitted the basis of their campaign was a lie, and the other has decide he ain't going to step in and deal with the mess he created. However, in Mr Johnson's case, he is now foreign secretary, when he is pretty much the face for people who accidentally say racist and derogatory shit about foreigners - lol.

    Let's get some friendly political banter on the subject then. Is this proof communism is in fact the answer to our questions? Or is ISIS and other terrorist organisations winning this war in other ways? It seems ISIS' influence has resorted in Trump's rise to fame, the UK's sudden urge to vote on whether we remain in the EU, and other important political stances. We seemingly have no middle-men who understand how to deal with the threat of ISIS and how to deal with the peaceful religion that is linked to it.

    Extreme Left - It's not the Muslim religion that is at fault, it is the extremists who are the culprits! We must accept those fleeing refugees into our country with open arms as it's inhumane not to!

    Extreme Right - Chuck all the Muslim citizens out of the country. This is the direct result of Islam, a deluded religion that can tarnish the weak minded and guide them into terrorism. No refugees should come into our country, close our borders!

    Apologies for diving straight into the ISIS debate - the intention was to simply ask for some opinions regarding our political structures in the UK and the US. It's pretty much on point to say both countries at the moment (the US more than the UK) are in a bit of a sticky situation. That's not even mentioning the whole blacks vs cops shit that is going on in America and the idiots who still think guns are the answer.

    Let's get chatting about politics. Stuff that actually matters.
  2. I have the worst feeling our brexit-esque moment will come in November when Trump is elected. The Democratic party is destroying itself from within because of Bernie Sanders and that whole fiasco with the leaked emails confirming the anti-Bernie bias. Sanders supporters are willing to vote for Trump now more than ever, even after Sanders endorsed Clinton. The 2016 election is really the darkest possible timeline, either we get a very corrupt and untrustworthy former first lady and secretary of defense OR a filthy rich asshole winning either way really.

    I think people are going to vote Trump out of spite for Hillary and come to regret it within the first few months of his presidency. Much like the UK did with the Brexit.
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  3. Not even. Trump is just a better candidate anyway.
    Anyone but you, Hillary. :bray:
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  4. Oh yeah, completely.

    Such great policies, the best. Trust me, trust me the best. You'll love them. Amazing policies, you'll get sick of how amazing my policies are. :trump2:
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  5. I don't understand why we don't have any choice on our Prime Minster, no one in their right mind would've elected Theresa May a woman who has gone on record saying she was to amend to Human Rights Act because the government from deporting people and she made ridiculously childlike claims about deportation as well.

    I think in Scotland we are lucky in a way since we are hoping for a second referendum and we have a leader who is pretty much universally liked which is shocking but I have faith in Nicola Sturgeon and as she said the situation has changed drastically and its time for Scotland to vote again and get the fuck out of the UK and back into the EU.
  6. The Bregret stuff was greatly exaggerated lol.
  7. It's so strange to be writing about an election on a wrestling forum, but I honestly think it fits...

    We live in a weird age. Information is more readily available than ever, but people's attention spans are shorter. It feels like so often you can read/hear something, quickly tweet about it, and that's the whole thought process. And so much of the corporate-owned for-profit media has to do with this. Control the Trending box, control what Americans are thinking about...

    During the primaries, people quickly figured out that Donald Trump was a draw. To the point where in a Republican primary 3 out of 4 questions were about Trump's past. So sure, leaving the debate it left the thought that Trump was an egomaniacal xenophobic scumbag, but you were left with NO impression of Rubio or Cruz. Any publicity is good publicity, so Trump got a ton of "At least he's not a career politician" votes. He has no policies, he doesn't talk about the issues, he doesn't do anything but provide big ratings and know how the system is actually played by getting his name out there no matter what, despite whatever racist rhetoric or violence at his rallies or other stupid shit he's done recently.

    Now I can't speak for others. But I've met PLENTY of Bernie Sanders supporters, but only one Hillary fan - a stoned out of his mind 18 year old at Walmart that said "hehe it would be cool to see the first woman president"... I laughed, before realizing that is SERIOUSLY the best reason I've heard to vote for either candidate. Thanks to social media this election has the most passion and the most debate of any recent election but 100% of it is negative. Everyone hates Trump. Everyone hates Hillary. Everyone is voting lesser evil. And people wonder how we got to this point, and they just say "Because people are stupid" without a second thought of just how epically screwed up this whole process is.

    So much of Hillary is the way she was the favorite all along... That helped out the Bernie supporters be more vocal, but it always felt like he was fighting a losing battle to a candidate with very little support in a democratic country... And it makes you wonder. Since the DMC wanted Hillary to win and the corporate-owned media "projects" Hillary to win and... If you want some real Alex Jones shit, Donald Trump wants his longtime friend Hillary to win so much that he's made it so she can run unopposed... Why do they want her in office so bad?!?... We may never know.
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  8. Don't think you'd consider this a problem as a result of capitalism, but the inherent problems of Democracy are pretty obvious with the current situations in both countries.

    Democracy works under a pretense that human nature won't be played in. There will always be a dissatisfied minority, and as that minority grows, with more and more discontent, the country will be split so badly that situations like Clinton v. Trump will arise.

    On one hand, we have Hilary Clinton. Though moderate on her views in politics, her presidency has transcended mere politics. She won't have the trust of the US people, even if she is faithful and keeps a clean record. Anywho, she's been, virtually, proven to be a corrupt politician that's in the back pocket of numerous wealthy people. But I don't think that's a good excuse to make. There hasn't been a politician in US Presidential history that hasn't been. But you can argue that the degree of which, she is in, can prove that she is not fit to be a president. Besides her scandals and issues as a person, her politics are rather moderate and aren't anything different from the likes of Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. There isn't anything wrong with her policies, which seems like a 3rd Obama term. She seems set on fixing the issues that ran with Obama, but also introducing new policies. Again, there is nothing wrong, with the whole picture. But politics isn't just about policy, it's about the whole picture. That includes, faithfulness, consistency, policies, and purity.

    Speaking of those qualities, I don't think Donald Trump possess either of those. He plays hop scotch with policy and it's pretty underwhelming. His campaign's motto is "the big picture". He claims that a wall will be built. How will it be paid for? How long will it take? What are the technicalities? Will it really stop anything? Who knows, but he says he's gonna do it. Similar to his stance on Muslims, ISIS and virtually everything else he says. Bar the fact that he has the hots for his daughter and has a history of being a weird pedo. He just doesn't seem capable to me. Saying he ran some businesses (a couple into the ground) doesn't make him fit for the highest office in the world. In short, I don't want a fucking ID card.

    As you can see, the less Muslim ID cards coming in my mailbox...the happier I am. :otunga:

    EDIT: The first sentence was in-response to the thread and the rest is my views on the election.
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