Sid Eudy vs Big Show

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by James, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. do you think 'pycho sid' would have given the big show a run for his money if they ever had a match back in the 90's? remember although big show is 7ft sid is also a very large man standing at 6ft7 and probably weights alot in muscle whereas as big show had more fat than muscle.

    yes i think the big show would win but at the same time i think pycho sid would have pushed the big show too his limitations and certainly the 'giant' would be battered and out of energy by the end of hte match. remember as well how guys shorter than big show like kane and undertaker (both between 6'7 and 6'8) held there own against him back in the old days. that and sid has that crazy ruthless agression persona about him as well.

    in my opinion really the only advantage big show would have over sid is a 5 inch height difference. if sid was the great khalis height he would probably win. heck sid might have even given andre the giant a run for his money.

    what a great match it would have been but sadly it never happened :emoji_slight_frown:
  2. Would have been a horrible match as Sid was never a good worker, show was athletic but not really good enough to carry it.
  3. I don't remember enough of Sid to be honest.
  4. I loved Sid for all the wrong reasons. He was hilarious (mostly unintentionally)

    His Psycho theme in WWF in 1997 was awesome though
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  7. the thing is that sid and big show switched wrestling companies at similar times in the late 90's so they never had a match. when big show debuted in the wcw in 1995 sid was at WWE and when big show left WCW in 1999 sid by that time left WWE and only returned too WCW months after show left.
  8. I think they would have put on a decent match around 1997. Big Show was awesome as the Giant in 1997 and Sid was what he was, but he entertained me.

    If nothing else Sid getting choke slammed by the Giant would have been a spectacle. Nobody had better chokeslams than The Giant in WCW
  9. Wow I remember seeing that promo numerous times, just forgot it was Sid.
  10. Sid was great at promos IMO. Always intense and whether he nailed it and it was actually good or he botched it and it was hilarious, I was always entertained
  11. Sid vs. Big Show in 1997 would have been a dam good match! Sid was very unrated in WWE! HE still is today! He lost in WWE History! Most likly the most forgotin WWE Champion EVER! WWE need to talking him more!
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