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  1. This is easy...

    Name a wrestler you would sign to the wwe.
    Name a wrestler you would fire from the wwe.
    Name a wrestler you would give a push to who is signed to the wwe.

    Give reasons why. :yay:
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  2. Sign-Bobby Roode. Has the size to compete in the wwe and could either add another heel as a singles wrestler or help revamp the tag team division with maybe Christian as a partner.

    Fire-Great Khali. He's terrible

    Push- Cody Rhodes. Put the world heavyweight championship on him ASAP.
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  3. Sign: Bobby Roode. Would love to say Aries but they're pushing so many little internet darling smartasses already (maybe you can't have enough, but still) and Roode is a freakin' star.

    Fire: Sheamus. Just go away. Please.

    Push: They've got a good problem to have, after Christian gets out of the way ADR is gonna deal with Henry or Ziggler. The other one deserves to be pushed, and Rhodes shouldn't be lost in the shuffle either.
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  4. Sign: Adam Cole
    Fire: Sheamoose
    Push: Rhodes fo sho.
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  5. Name a wrestler you would sign to the wwe. Aries. The guy is just entertaining, in and out of the ring. His matches with guys like Bryan, Jericho, Ziggler, etc would be incredible.
    Name a wrestler you would fire from the wwe. The Miz. No explanation needed.
    Name a wrestler you would give a push to who is signed to the wwe. Antonio Cesaro. The guy is a beast, just have his wrestling do all the talking.
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  6. Sign: Aries
    Fire: Khali
    Push: Tyson Kidd, to the moon!
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  7. Fire: yoshi tatsu. Put the man out of his misery!
    Hire: Kevin Steen!
    Push.......... EMMA
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  8. Sign: Alex Shelly. Love his TNA stint. Better if with Chris Sabin.

    Fire: Khali. –_– Do I need to explain?

    Push:Justin Gabriel. To the moon!
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  9. Sign: Leva Bates from SHINE Wrestling
    Show Spoiler

    Fire: Great Khali

    Push: If it's limited to the main roster, then can't decide between Zack Ryder and Natalya. If I can include NXT, can't decide between Sami Zayn or Emma.
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  10. Sign Pinkie Sanchez, because we need someone on the roster with the name Pinkie dammit.
    Fire Khali, useless piece of unbendable shit.
    Push Kofi Kingston, he did great with his run with Orton a few years back, Im sure he can do it again.
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  11. Hire: Samoa Joe. IMO he suits the WWE style pretty well and I reckon they'd utilise him better than TNA.

    Fire: Ryback

    Push: Cesaro
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  12. Hire: Naom Dar
    Fire: J T FUCKING G FUCKING FIRE FUCKING JTG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Push: Paige
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  13. Hire: Cena

    Fire: Cena

    Push: Cena
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  14. Hire: Bobby Roode- He's one of the greatest wrestlers today and I feel like he could easily be one of the main guys in the WWE.
    Fire: Ryback- Don't really need an explanation.
    Push: Dean Ambrose- He's a great talent and deserves a push. He has potential to be the number one heel in the WWE for years to come.
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  15. Sign: Adam Cole
    Fire: Rybotch
    Push: Rhodes, the guy deserves a push. The truth is that I believe they'll somehow push Bob...
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  16. Sign: Colt Cabana
    Fire: JTG
    Push: Curt Hawkins
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  17. Fire:Khali
    Hire: Aries
    Push: Cesaro
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  18. Push: Big E Langston
    Hire: Awesome Kong pls
    Fire: Zack Ryder.
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  19. Sign: Tara/Victoria the Divas division could use a veteran like her.
    Fire: The Miz obvs.
    Push: Ohno/Cesaro together or separately.
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  20. Sign: Smoa Joe, cause he's fat! :steiner:
    Fire: Yoshi Tatsu, doesn't do shit
    Push: Cesaro
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