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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Sackfist, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. A discussion about user's signatures

    I have to say Crayo's pic:


    Is quite hilarious
  2. I like D'Z's.
  3. Agreed about Crayo's.

    I like Clouds signature.

  4. Yeah Clouds' is awesome. D'Z's old UFC ones were great too.
  5. Aids because he has the GOAT quote

    unless he removed I say fuck when I piss
  6. Think he removed it for another RS quote, not sure though.
  7. **Excluding the spoilered image of Dolph Ziggler, he's a clown.
  8. Oh dear, I'm waiting for the bombardment of hate. ^^
  9. Are you sure? What if I were to state my dislike for Punk and Bryan also?
  10. Show Spoiler
  11. On that note, fxck Lesnar, Big Show (used to be awesome), Cena, Del Rio, Khali, Swagger, Miz and about 10 others. The WWE roster is a joke these days.
    Ah, feels better.

  12. I like this cat now.

    Down with WWE!
  13. Never had a signature... Was thinking of putting a Backlund gif there, possibly.
  14. Fresh Prince taking ova
  15. My signature consists of my favorite diva dressed up as a cop, nWo titantron, helpful links, my duty as a cop, and a picture of Farooq.... :damn:
  16. Have to go with the nWo siggy's.. nWo fucking rocks.
  17. I like the Diva in police clothes...:gusta:


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  18. Which diva is it by the way? Her face looks like natalya but I know that's not her for obvious reasons
  19. It is her. :win:
  20. It's from a few years back.
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