Signature moves they should have continued to use.

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  1. There are a good few WWE talents who have watered down their move set over the years but are there any signature moves you wished they still used? Are there any moves you liked but the superstar hasn't used them in years? Post them in.

    Bryan Danielson :

    The Danielson special

    It's a great variation into a basic armbar plus with the lebelle lock focusing on the shoulder it would be a nice build up into that. He did a few times in FCW but it should be a staple against smaller opponents imo.

    Cattle Mutilation

    Once again a great submission move which has been wasted in the WWE. They bill him as a submission specialist let him use a variety of submissions. He's used it a few times in the WWE but once again it should be a staple.

    CM Punk :

    The Pepsi Plunge

    I know it's a very dangerous move especially on Punk's knees but bringing it back as a big signature spot for him could get some big pops. Plus I'm a mark of the move.

    Pepsi Twist

    He hit it a few times in ECW but it looks brutal and offers a nice variation of the lariat. Needs to be used more often.

    Devil lock DDT :

    I'm not sure if the WWE would allow him to use this but if they did it could be a nice signature spot. It can be hit on anybody and looks painful having your arm trapped behind your back as your dropped on your head.

    Tyson Kidd :

    Code Blue

    I can't recall seeing him use this since his ECW days tbh. It's a great move to hit on the smaller guys.
  2. Agree with both Bryan ones, disagree on Pepsi Plunge (maybe a one off sometime, but not permanent) as it's too risky, plus it just looks like the pedigree. Agree with the pepsi twist, that's a well nice one. Should be permanent. Disagree with devil lock ddt, just looks too slow in my opinion. I love kidd's code blue.

    I'd want (no videos of these apparently)

    Sin Cara:

    -Gymnastic Exit
    -Super Harracanaras

    Del Rio:

    -Roundhouse Kick

    Can't find one to the head, the one above is a lower roundhouse kick. He's done one to the head of Rey, it should be permanent as he executes it better than Punk imo.

    -German Suplex

    Can't find a video, it's the normal german suplex you should know what it looks like. Again, ADR executes it really well.
  3. ADR does have a nice snap to his and some of his german suplex's are brutal like this

    I'm a fan of the moves which have a build up personally too many guys have the surprise moves now imo. It could tell a good story for punk to pull out the devil lock ddt imo. The plunge is a bad move for punk especially on his knees but I would love him to bring it back in some big moments. Like an in reserve finisher. It would put some one over big if Punk was required to use it on select occasions. Then again it could just be me being a mark lol.
  4. I wonder how many people would recognize it. I'm assuming not many RoH smarks would be in the audience at a WWE show unless it's at Chicago or New York. I'd like a one-off Pepsi Plunge yeah, and you're right if people recognize that he had to use it this particular opponent it'd put them over without them having to win.
  5. Even if they just build it up when he's desperate it wouldn't need any ROH marks. Take for example if someone kicks out of two GTS' then he doesn't use it again for a while. It would be used a few times a year to make it seem legit. Kind of like Taker using the jumping tombstone on Michaels. It's using the extra effort to have to put someone away.
  6. Good point. CM Punk is one of the best ring psychologists in the WWE in my opinion, so he could easily pull that off. I'd like to see it, but only if it was really one off.