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  1. Feels weird doing this instead of Crayo but I'll attempt to better him.

    We have noticed some users have signatures which are too large, causing issues with other members whilst reading the forum. Please limit your signatures so they don't take up too much space, either by using spoilers or image resizing tags. If you're unsure feel free to PM a staff member and we'll tell you if it needs to be altered. Also note Staff my edit your signature, usually leaving a pastebin link with the old signature in and a note or PM asking you to alter it and how.

    How to spoiler.

    How to image resize

     [img=widthxheight] [/img] 
  2. Let me Guess this is now a Command?
  3. :facepalm1: Grow up...
  4. I don't even have a sig. :haha:
  5. Indeed it is, I myself demanded this. In all seriousness it was causing issues with a few members so needed to be addressed, for further reference please remain on topic not allowing vendettas from other threads come into effect.
  6. My signature is perfect :boss1:
  7. Oh actually that looks much better tbh, thanks Seabs.
  8. No problem pal.
  9. Finally this has been enforced
  10. It's been in force so to speak for a while, we just never made it official.
  11. Is mine illegal? :booker:
  12. just disable signatures!!! like I've said! people don't deserve this much freedom of expression!


    It's a bit big. put your fave 5 in the spoiler
  13. :downer:
  14. Oh hell no did you steal my announcement.
  15. Yours is fine.


    :sheldor: It's still a dictatorship, just no longer yours :jeritroll: #TakingOver
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