Silas Young - "Everyone Makes Me Sick"

Discussion in 'ROH Feed' started by ROHNEWS, Sep 22, 2014.

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  1. SilasYoung
    The internet was all abuzz about the recent injury to “The Last Real Man” Silas Young!! Is it a broken leg? Is it just a small injury? Is it potentially a mind game being played by Silas to keep his foes guessing? Well if you knew Silas Young, you wouldn’t ask such things.

    Silas is not a fan of mind games! Silas doesn’t want anyone guessing! Silas is a smash mouth, straight forward ass kicking machine that real men like John Wayne would be proud of! Silas couldn’t be more in your face and abrupt! With that said, it’s even more puzzling why the internet would question the severity of his injury!!

    “I didn’t know anything about the internet questioning my injuries!” said Silas when we reached out via a phone call for comment. “Why would The Last Real Man care about a bunch of wide eyed geeks with muscled up fingers questioning how serious my injury is?”

    The interview was one that was very tough. You could hear Silas pacing the floor. He was very obviously agitated that he was on the phone and speaking about an injury. “I don’t do this stuff, you geeks and you’re your media and social media and the constant need to be in everyone’s business sickens me!!”

    When asked specifically about the wrestling reporters and fans questioning the severity of his injuries, Silas became even more infuriated!! “Why is that your business? What are you asking for the pansies on the pc’s or the pansies in the locker room who fear me??” Asked directly is he has a broken leg or not? “I have a transverse fracture in my tibia and a torn meniscus!” That sounds very serious!

    Silas Young seemed to grow more and more angry as he was being questioned.

    Asked if he knew exactly when he suffered the injury, he stated: “I felt something happen when I got robbed in Milwaukee by that sissy Michael Elgin!” ”But obviously as a real man, I laced them back up the following night in Chicago Ridge!” “Then I sign a contract for Toronto to face Cedric Alexander and ROH officials felt the need to protect him and that locker room from an injured Silas Young!!” “They called me up and said we have to give you some time off, so I smashed the phone into little pieces”. “How dare they decide for me that I can’t fight?”

    “They can say they are protecting me, but we know that’s not the case!!” “They are protecting the pretty boy preppy geeks in that locker room who spend their time tweetering and trying to find dates on online or on their phones because they don’t have the guts to go out and approach them!!! “ “While you clowns are doing that, I’m in bars pounding back beers and picking up broads!!!” “While you guys are taking pictures of yourself in the bathroom of gyms, I’m in a real gym pushing legit weight!!” “Everyone makes me sick!!”

    Silas stormed off but not without telling me to inform the keyboard commandos and gossip monger drama queens to “Try being a real man for once and do something that involves getting off your ass”. Silas lives as he preaches! He is without question a contrast to how men in society have changed!

    He did not give a time frame for return, but ROH officials have been in contact with his doctors and both have been assured a 100% recovery, sooner rather than later!

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